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How EPIC is this pic!?


I can only expect things to get even more crazy for this announcement!


Vivendi Lab. Week 21. Thursday.


Rest or Make UP

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A little for you.


Vivendi Lab.  Week 21. Wednesday.


For time:
70-lb. dumbbell snatches, 50 reps
15-foot rope climbs, 5 ascents
70-lb. dumbbell snatches, 40 reps
15-foot rope climbs, 4 ascents
70-lb. dumbbell snatches, 30 reps
15-foot rope climbs, 3 ascents
70-lb. dumbbell snatches, 20 reps
15-foot rope climbs, 2 ascents
70-lb. dumbbell snatches, 10 reps
15-foot rope climb, 1 ascent


50 lb dumbbell for the ladies!!

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  1. travis

    Hello everyone, I have been lurking this site for a while now and have decided to post in rallying some help! This summer after graduation I am looking to get my Crossfit Level 1 Cert (I have already read the manual 3 times! and have watched every video in existence!) However, I was recently accepted to grad school (3 more years) for Chiropractic, thus I am not in a position financially to continue my passion.
    In turn I am going to use this cert to help put me through grad school working in a box close to school. Anything will help!
    Thanks for taking the time to see this, if it is not allowed you can remove it, I just figured I would ask the community I love to help me so I can then in turn give back to the community I love!

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More handstand push ups?!  Thanks for nothing Sherwood!!


Vivendi Lab. Week 21. Monday.


For Time

20 Deadlifts 275/185

20 Front Squats 185/135

20 Snatch 135/95

(use one bar and change the weights)


Rest 10 Min


2 Rounds for Time

400 Meter Run

30 Calorie Row

20 Burpees Over the Rower


Rest 10 MIn


For TIme:

50 Handstand Push Ups

40 Knees to Elbows

30 Squat Cleans 135/95

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Zack “The Pitbull” Ruhl

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Zack is one of my all time favorites.  Such an amazing heart and human.


Hope 15.4 went well if you have done it!  If not, be careful with your reps!  Not getting any no reps is REALLY helpful for the volume of HSPU in that workout.  If you did do it…and you weren’t happy…it’s an easy one to redo if you think you need to.


Vivendi Lab. Week 20. Saturday.


15 Min EMOM

1 Power Snatch

2 Overhead Squats


15 Min EMOM

Clean and Jerk 


22 Min AMRAP

6 Pull Ups

12 Push Ups

18 Squats


See if you can match your Cindy Round PR!!






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  1. Dewey

    I didn’t mention %. So I did it at 80% +5 for snatch 145 #. And cleans at 85% 165 #for 7 minutes then finished the last three at 175

  2. Dewey

    Oh and 17 rounds plus 6 pull ups. My amrap 15 for rx Cindy was 11 rounds I just super PRd

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15.4 is HERE!  This one seems like it’s going to be fun actually!  Just make sure you are cool and smooth.  NO NO REPS!!


Good luck everyone!  Make sure to check out the standards at  Scaled version is available there too!


Vivendi Lab. Week 20. Friday.




8-minute AMRAP:

3 handstand push-ups

3 cleans

6 handstand push-ups

3 cleans

9 handstand push-ups

3 cleans

12 handstand push-ups

6 cleans

15 handstand push-ups

6 cleans

18 handstand push-ups

6 cleans

21 handstand push-ups

9 cleans

Etc., following same pattern

M 185 lb.  F 125 lb.

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  1. Steve

    Think you post enough pictures of yourself? What a vanity case. Try posting pics of your clients for a change.

    • Matt

      Steve, I think you take for granted the fact that she runs the lab. Obviously you check in often judging on how you are upset at the photos, but don’t bite the hand that feeds you. Grow up. Please. Thanks. God help us all.

    • Miranda Oldroyd


      This is not a website for a gym. It is about me and the small group of athletes I train with. Understand what you are looking at before sharing your opinion.

    • Peter Danenberg

      Hey, Steve; her pic is awesome! Want some pictures of her clients? Anyone who follows her programming is a client, in some sense; here’s one of me about to push the ball over the try line:

      Couldn’t have done it without you, Miranda!

  2. Steve V

    Preach, Matt. Steve, don’t be upset Miranda looks better and is fitter than yourself.

  3. Nick

    I am not usually one to engage anyone who “trolls” on the Internet for the mere fact that I think it legitimizes the cowardly behavior of those people like Steve who so obviously are searching for a way to vent whatever psychological turmoil they are facing that day. However on this special occasion I will engage this ” troll” and simply leave a quick message .
    as always thank you Miranda.

    Oh and before I forget, fuck off Steve.

  4. James

    Miranda Oldroyd that pic is sweet. Thank you for letting us see into your training and what it takes. Thanks for taking time out of your busy life to post this stuff.

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In keeping with my tradition of just posting what CF posts for Wednesday…given that they know the workout and I don’t…


Vivendi Lab. Week 20. Wednesday.


Push Jerk



Row 2k for TIme




Weight should be heavy to start on Push Jerks and go up each set.

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  1. Nemesia

    I am unable to do jerks due to my sprained wrist, but my 2k row time is 8:22. Was wondering what’s a good time to be at for ladies? And Miranda what’s your 2k time? Thanks for always inspiring me and women! Looking forward to seeing your video of your Road to Recovery coming out soon!!

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How did everybody do on 15.3?  2 more weeks to go.  Keep your head in it…and maybe even more important….give yourself a mental break til Thursday’s announcement of 15.4!


Vivendi Lab. Week 20. Tuesday.



Burpee Box Jumps 24/20


Rest 10-15 Min


For Time:

10 Bench 195/125

20 GHD Sit Ups


8 Bench 195/125

20 GHD Sit Ups

6 Bench

20 GHD Sit Ups

4 Bench

20 GHD Sit Ups

2 Bench


Tabata Handstand Hold





Choose a bench weight that you think you MIGHT be able to do unbroken.



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Monday Monster Mash from Pat Sherwood and CrossFit Linchpin.


Vivendi Lab. Week 20. Monday.


5 Rounds for Time

2 Rope Climbs 15′

6 Power Clean 185/125

12 Ring Dips


Rest 10 Min


3 Rounds for Time

400 M Run

20 Power Snatch 95/65


Rest 10 Min


2 Rounds for Time

20 Deadlifts 155/105

20 Calorie Row

15 Front Squats 155/105

15 Shoulder to Overhead 155/105

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  1. Dewey

    19:10, 18:48, 19:03. Scaled cleans to 165. Last workout scales to 135. Still sore from yesterdays half hour adventure

  2. Chris H

    5 Rds 15:22 Rx. I probably could of went faster, I didn’t know how grip would so I paced first 2 rds but I speeded up after that.

    3 Rds 10:22 Rx.

    I only did first two workouts. I did 15.3 yesterday and a back squats and deficit hspu’s after. So my shoulders are still feeling it.

  3. Nate

    This was a really good one. The first workout really messed with my grip on the last couple rope climbs. Then the run & snatches were just what I needed coming off a couple days of rest. Used the last workout as a steady finisher.

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