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Day of 15.4 Announcement!


Vivendi Lab. Week 20. Thursday.


Rest or Make Up!


Make sure to watch the Open Announcement tonight at


10 Responses to “15.4 Eve”

  1. Steve

    Think you post enough pictures of yourself? What a vanity case. Try posting pics of your clients for a change.

    • Matt

      Steve, I think you take for granted the fact that she runs the lab. Obviously you check in often judging on how you are upset at the photos, but don’t bite the hand that feeds you. Grow up. Please. Thanks. God help us all.

    • Miranda Oldroyd


      This is not a website for a gym. It is about me and the small group of athletes I train with. Understand what you are looking at before sharing your opinion.

    • Peter Danenberg

      Hey, Steve; her pic is awesome! Want some pictures of her clients? Anyone who follows her programming is a client, in some sense; here’s one of me about to push the ball over the try line:

      Couldn’t have done it without you, Miranda!

  2. Steve V

    Preach, Matt. Steve, don’t be upset Miranda looks better and is fitter than yourself.

  3. Nick

    I am not usually one to engage anyone who “trolls” on the Internet for the mere fact that I think it legitimizes the cowardly behavior of those people like Steve who so obviously are searching for a way to vent whatever psychological turmoil they are facing that day. However on this special occasion I will engage this ” troll” and simply leave a quick message .
    as always thank you Miranda.

    Oh and before I forget, fuck off Steve.

  4. James

    Miranda Oldroyd that pic is sweet. Thank you for letting us see into your training and what it takes. Thanks for taking time out of your busy life to post this stuff.

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