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Garret was in town to hit the Mash with us this week!



Today I scoured the SUPER old archives of to find some fun stuff.  I went all the way back to 2002 for these ones.  It is awesome to watch the growth and development of this program by going through the old workouts.


In Hawaii with Progenex again this week.  Will keep you posted with the workouts we end up doing here!


Vivendi Lab. Week 7. Wednesday.


Hang Clean


Increase weight each round


5 Rounds for Time

25 Box Jumps 30/24

15 Hang Power Cleans 185/125


5 Sets for Max Total Reps

Ring Dips

Rest as needed between.



Make these cleans hang squat cleans.  Work getting under it.


For the 5 rounder, the original instructions were to use a higher than normal box and bodyweight if you could.  Choose a weight that will be challenging and you can’t get unbroken.  More than likely will need 2-3 sets each round.


 If you can’t get at least 5-7 ring dips in a row, use band assistance.  As much as you need to get 7-10 each set.



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  1. &GoodNight

    Please dont stop with the extra comments about personalizing the workouts to you ie percentages for lifts etc(makes it make sense to how the workout should feel to long time trainees but new crossfitters), and love that almost every workout is doable in a garage gym with minimum equipment!

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