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Vivendi Lab. Week 19. Tuesday.


Molly’s rowing workout from Coach Chris.


Row 20 Min

During this time find a moderate pace and add in 8x 50 second surges while you are going.


Rest 1 Min


Row 16 Min

8 x 40 second surges mixed in


Rest 1 Min


Row 12 Min

8 x 30 sec surges mixed in


Rest 1 Min


8 Min Row

8 x 20 Sec Surges Mixed in


1 Min Rest


4 Min Row

8 x 10 Sec Surges mixed in.


The main pace is NOT a recovery pace…but still a pretty good pace.  Surges are HARD.


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  1. Chris H

    14,397 meters I am done. This sucked but fun at thesame time. Prefer to run but it is always good to get any workout from Hinshaw.

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