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Such a cool shot by the Progenex photographers at Wodapalooza.


I pulled today’s workout from the archives of the NC Lab.  It was back in March of last year.  There is a little bit of squatting (ha ha) and I am sure we are sore from yesterday…but the Open is coming!  These are the movements we need!!


Vivendi Lab.  Week 16. Tuesday.




NC Lab. Week 27. Tuesday.


Back Squat


All sets are heavy. Basically when the weight get’s too heavy to do 7.  When it get’s too heavy to do 7, do 5….


7 Sets of the Complex

3 Press

3 Push Press

3 Split Jerk

Focusing on taxing the press so you will be able to work the speed and hip drive of the jerk.


Against a 5 Min Clock Complete:

100 Pull Ups

Against a 5 min Clock Complete:

80 Wall Balls 30/20

Against a 5 Min Clock Complete:

60 Burpees over the Box 24/20

(If you can jump all the way OVER the box)

Against a 5 Min Clock Complete:

40 Clean and Jerks 155/105

Against a 5 Min Clock Complete:

1200 Meter Row


If you don’t finish the desired work in 5 min…cut your losses and move on to the next thing.  If you finish before 5 Min, you can rest.  No rest between efforts.



Pretty self explanatory here!  For the pull ups, just go for it if you have em…even if you think you might only get 30.  Get as many as you can in 5 min.  


If you struggle with wall balls in general, and you have access to a ball in between these weights, use that.  Go into it with the intention of getting 80 with the weight you choose.


Choose a weight for the clean and jerk that is 10 lbs heavier than you would use for Grace.


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  1. Nick

    Speaking of the Open, Do you have any idea how the weeks on Vivendi are going to be structured for the weeks of the Open Miranda? I am asking cause I know I will be going to a local gym on Friday nights to do the workouts rather then videotaping the workouts at my house I am wondering which days you plan to program them onto Vivendi? obviously not a big deal if you don’t yet just curious

    • Miranda Oldroyd

      We will actually be doing the Open workouts on Fridays too. Will prob schedule a rest on Thurs, Open on Fri!

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