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The best of the best after the Slave Stealer fundraiser this weekend.

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It’s Monday Monster Mash day and this one looks like it’s going to be AWESOME!  Oftentimes, Pat will call me during the week and get my thoughts on the upcoming mashes.  He gets very excited and really it’s like him not being able to hold in the surprise.  Anyway, this week when we talked he said “you are going to have to run hard to get a good time.” I don’t know about you, but that is never what I want to hear.


Have fun with this one, make sure you warm up really well with the quick change of direction in the shuttles.


Good luck!


Monday Monster Mash programmed by Pat Sherwood @sherwood215 @crossfitlinchpin


Vivendi Lab. Week 5. Monday.


With a continuously running clock:


21 Deadlifts 225/155

200 Meter Shuttle Run 50 down and 50 back x 2

15 Deadlift

200 Meter Shuttle

9 Deadlift

200 Meter Shuttle


Rest 5 Min


21 Thruster 95/65

200 Meter Shuttle

15 Thruster

200 Meter Shuttle

9 Thruster

200 Meter Shuttle


Rest 5 Min


21 Power Snatch 75/55

200 Meter Shuttle

15 Power Snatch

200 Meter Shuttle

9 Power Snatch

200 Meter Shuttle




Most of these weights are pretty manageable, nothing too crazy here.  These should be loads that you can move fairly quickly though, and not have to break up a lot.  If you are taking long breaks during the barbell work, you are missing the boat on this workout. Remember….heavy days or workouts that are programmed and designed to be heavy and broken up WILL come up.  Today the weight should be that IF you break it up it’s not because it’s so heavy you might fail a rep.  

7 Responses to “Barbell Sprint Mash”

  1. Chris H

    This was fun!
    Power snatch -5:00
    Did the run up and down twice on a basketball court. So I’m not sure if it was 200m’s but it still sucked. The thruster section was the worst, my legs felt like jello on the run. Total time was 24:31 RX.

  2. Tony Dangerfield

    Here on the east coast the rain is crazy so I replaced all runs with 20 Ghd…
    1st 6:44, 2nd 21:18, 3rd 36:36 and did 95lb Power Snatch… After 180 Ghd I was died…

  3. James McWilliams

    Did that tonight here in Inverness (Scotland, it’s 3 degrees C here and we did it outside! :D) and it has to be one of the better workouts I’ve had in ages. Really liked the programming! Did the deadlifts at 80kg, run was 250m total each one (got the measurements wrong) 5:05, Thrusters at 40kg 6:20, and Snatch at 30kg 5:20. Really enjoyed it!

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