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Throwback video and workout for today…


That Mash was BRUTAL.  Today’s workout is pretty bad too.  You wouldn’t want it any other way.


Today’s workout was originally created by Ben Bergeron of CrossFIt New England.


Vivendi Lab. Week 11. Tuesday.




Work up to a heavy single hit at least 5 that are pretty heavy


EMOM 20 Min

3 Power Clean 185/135

3 Front Squat

3 Jerk


Garret is using 205 in the video.



Watch the video.  This weight got pretty heavy and the minute started to go by really fast.  Choose a weight you think is good, but be willing to add or subtract if you need to.  Don’t subtract because it’s hard.  Subtract if you can’t make the minute or think you will fail reps.


5 Responses to “Bergeron Throwback”

  1. Chris H

    Heavy Cleans

    Bergeron Test. Did this last time at 115.
    1 rd-185
    6 rds-165
    13 rds-145
    Rest got shorter and shorter at 165 and failed a set so I dropped to 145. This was fun but it sucked at the same time. It is a Pr though from the previous 115 though. The heavy cleans felt good, I was able to hit them all, max is 250 so I’m pretty pumped to hit them more consistantly.

  2. Christina

    Hi! Is this supposed to be a weight where the goal is to not drop the bar between all the movements? If I want to clean and front squat the 135 but can’t do the jerks at that weight is it better to set up 2 different bars or pick a weight I can do all three movements with? Thank you :-)

    • Miranda Oldroyd

      Pick a weight that you can do all 3 movements would be ideal. The jerks seemed to be the hard part for everyone!

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