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Coach Alex crushing it back in ’12.



Ok…ok…here’s the scoop….

There are a couple different “groups” that train together in the afternoon at NorCal.

One of those groups are the guys who go by the handle @gaincity.  These guys are all about getting strong and having a good time….maybe not as much fans of the “cardio” they will tell you.

Anyway, these guys are hilarious and you should look them up on Instagram.

The other day for Thanksgiving, or “Gainsgiving”, a few of the guys came together with Alex and Garret for a session as a NorCal Family.

Here is what they got into…


NC Lab. Week 11. Sunday.


Work up to a heavy single Clean

(I believe 3 of 4 of them PR’d)





Death by Strict Pull Up

1st min….1

2nd min…2

3rd min…3…and so on

these do not have to be unbroken

Garret got through 12


Bench Press


(Can’t remember the weights for this guy…not a “max” but pretty heavy for each set without a TON of rest between sets.)


6 Responses to “Best I Ever Had”

    • Miranda Oldroyd

      OH man!! It’s actually @gain_city I will update on the next post.

  1. Pete Nellis

    Miranda, First-off, thank you for doing what you guys do and being an inspiration every day. Being able to follow this blog has been an awesome opportunity to challenge the body daily. I got the chance to meet Jason at my box in Michigan (Motor City Crossfit) last week and forgot to ask him what the significance of the Eminem song titles as the names for the days. Any reason you use Eminem songs for a bunch of the days?

    • Miranda Oldroyd

      Yes! You are the first person to notice! They are actually ALL rap song titles…because I love rap. I especially love Eminem.

  2. Corey

    I was just recently given this website by a friend that has visited your gym and I must say this is awesome. I don’t know if it is the workouts or knowing that you guys are doing them along with me, but I am excited for everyday at the gym. I am using this to hopefully be games worthy in a year or two and do well in an upcoming competition. Thank you all so much for doing this for everyone!

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