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Lindsey Kelly.



I got the format for today’s workout from Lindsey Kelly.


Lindsey was on CrossFit Conjugate’s second place team at the CrossFit Games.  I got to know her a little bit at the Games, but have since gotten to know her by spending time with her in Vegas during the CrossFit Team Series.  She is an amazing athlete, smart coach and great person.  Can’t wait to see what 2015 brings for her.


She texted me a workout earlier this week, but also mentioned that they swap the second movement for whatever they feel they need to add in to round out their programming.  This week you all have done a lot of a lot of things….and we all know what happens on Monday.  So, today we keep it simple and fill in a movement we haven’t seen yet.


Check Lindsey out on Insta: @wildcatlk


Vivendi Lab. Week 1. Sunday.


10 Rounds for Time

Row 500 (Goal is to keep pace at sub 1:50/2:00)

10 GHD Sit Ups



Accumulate 5 Min in Handstand Hold



For the 500 rows, hold a pace that challenges you.  If you haven’t done much on the GHD, lower the reps to 5 or 7.  The last thing you need to to be so sore you can’t do the Monster Mash!  If you aren’t sure…go with the lower reps.  If you feel fine, you will know you can do more next time.  As far as the GHD goes, better safe than sorry.  If you don’t have a GHD?? You can sub V-Ups or regular sit ups but probably up the reps to 15-20.  Don’t do toes to bar…you might see those soon ;).  

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