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More Creativity with Sally Up…this was WAY harder.  Not worse…but physically harder.

Also…a visitor to the crew…Mr Dan Bailey.

What is the difference between Sally Up with squats and Sally Up with push ups?  Why were so many athletes able to complete Sally Up with squats but were in WAY more pain, while they physically could not complete Sally Up with push ups…even though it didn’t hurt as bad?

When training CrossFit with the goal of a well rounded fitness you have to train everything.  At the Level 1 CrossFit seminars they talk about training and developing the 10 General Physical Skills.  Cardio Respiratory Endurance, Stamina, Strength, Flexibility, Power, Speed, Coordination, Accuracy, Agility, and Balance all need to be developed for you to truly call yourselves fit.

Often times, Sherwood and I will joke around about how in order to go to the Games you not only need to be developed in all 10 of the GPS, but an 11th item should be added to the list…CRAZY.  Mental toughness.  Ability to push through pain and block it out is absolutely critical to reaching the highest level of performance.  And, lucky for us, it CAN be developed.

Just like you can develop any of the 10 Gen. Phys. Skills through training and practice.  Training and Practicing pushing the limits of one’s psychological tolerances is done daily in the gym and is stressed a lot at the Bro Sessions at NorCal CrossFit.

That brings me back to the original question…what’s the deal with Sally Up Squat vs Sally Up Push Up??

For me personally, Sally Up squat was mental.  All of us that did it that day had the physical tools to be able to finish every rep in that workout.  The ONLY reason for any of us to miss a rep is a blip in mental capacity in that moment.  Whereas Sally Up push up became physically impossible to complete another rep due to lack in stamina for that specific movement.

Bottom line….both physical and mental need to be trained to ever reach the highest level.


NC Lab. Week 3. Monday.


10 Min EMOM

Even: Row for Calories

Odd: 20 KB Swings 1.5/1

Immediately into

10 Min EMOM

Even: Row for Calories

Odd: 5 Muscle ups


Sally Up Push Up

Chest and thighs need to be off of the ground BARELY at the bottom.  No resting on the ground for it to be legit!


10 Min EMOM

Even: 15 Shoulder to OH 135/95

Odd: 15 Toes to Bar

5 Responses to “Bring Sally Down!!”

  1. Joe Olsen

    Happy birthday man. Thanks for the words! Needed that lately and it’s weird that it came up when I need it most! Keep crushin man and get the “belt” next year!


  2. Matt

    Completed this 2October at night in my garage. Used Air Dyne instead of rower b/c it’s my only option in my garage.

    A) 82 Cals, Scaled to 15 KBS at 1.5 pood. Afterwards, I should have done 20 swings.

    B) 79 Cals, Bar Muscle ups/attempts. Need much work.

    C) Sally push ups- Rough; didn’t make it through but this was a fun way to approach push ups!

    D) Scaled to 95# 15 S2OH, and reduced to 10 TTB after the 1st set.

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