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Michael Cazayoux of Brute Strength and Ute CrossFit



When Team NC qualified for the Games we sought coaching from the guys from Ute CrossFIt.  I mean, seems only natural to ask for help from the team who won 2 years in a row.  Since then, I have been working with Mike and the crew from Brute Strength to help me work on my individual weaknesses.


Today’s workout is one that we on Team NC would have called a Death Workout and a type that we did frequently in preparing for the Games.  They take a while and they hurt.  It’s Saturday.  Have fun.


Check out Brute’s Website for more info


and @brute.strength on IG


Vivendi Lab. Week 1. Saturday.


Part 1.

3 Rounds

10 Squat Snatch 135/95

1 Min Max Toes to Bar

1 Min Max Burpee Pull Ups

2 Min Row (goal is to hit 600m/550m)

2 Min Rest between rounds

(after the third round you will take your 2 min rest then rest 3 more min…total of 5 min rest)


Part 2.

3 Rounds

10 Front Squats @60% of your max

1 Min Max Muscle Ups

1 Min Max Thrusters 45/35

2 Min Airdyne 

Rest 2 Min between rounds

(after the third round you will take your 2 min rest then rest 3 more min….total of 5 min rest)


Part 3.

5 Rounds for Time

10 Power Cleans 135/95


10 Burpee Box Jumps

10 OHS 135/95

10 Strict Pull Ups




Part 1: Scale the snatch weight to a weight that you can finish all 10 reps in 2 minutes or less.  Do not scale to a power snatch.  On the row…this is going to be tough.  Go as hard as you can in round 1 and whatever you do, don’t allow that number to be lower in round 2-3.


Part 2. Front Squat is scaled for you…have at it.  If you are new to muscle ups scale to a way that you can achieve at least 5 muscle ups in the minute. You can do jumping if you are just working on that transition.  The higher the rings are the less jump you get.  Do not give yourself so much assistance that your muscle up can be ugly.  You can also do transitions with your feet out in front of you.  I’m pretty sure you can all do a 45# thruster at this point…it’s just not going to feel good.  If you don’t have an airdyne…congrats…row again.


Part 3:  Use a weight you can go unbroken on the power cleans and OHS for the most part.  If you have to break a little after the first round or 2 that’s ok, but the goal is to keep moving. If 10 strict pull ups will take you forever scale to 5 or 7.  If you don’t have strict pull ups, scale to a band and still go without any swing.


I would LOVE to hear how you all enjoyed this.  More Death Workouts will be coming your way….I promise.


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  1. braulio garcia

    Death was upon me but Jesus is on my side! This hurt real bad. For me the worse part was part 3.

    88:57 Rx to complete everything. I have the breakdown of all reps and times if needed.

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