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The bros of Brute and Ute CrossFit



Molly and I will be teaming up with these two giants for the East Coast Championships in January.


I don’t know about all of you but the Mash toasted me.  Those deads were quite the chore.  Let’s get some lifting and some skill work in today.  The weights aren’t SUPER heavy, so technique needs to be a huge focus.  Not that technique isn’t always a huge focus, but with these lighter weights there is no reason you should have very much degree of deviation.  Basically, don’t be sloppy just because you can be.  At these moderate weights is where you are going to make the biggest technical gains.


The lifting session today is one that I will also be doing today from the crew at Brute Strength. @brute.strength


Vivendi Lab.  Week 9. Tuesday.


Full Clean and Jerk

4 x 3

Use 70% of 1 Rep Max Clean


Full Snatch

4 x 3

Use 70% of 1 Rep Max Snatch


Neither the clean and jerk or snatch are intended to be touch and go.  Drop each rep and reset quickly.


Alternate between the following


Snatch Pulls

3 x 5

Use 85% of 1 Rep Max Snatch


3 x -

3 Behind the Neck Snatch Grip Push Press

3 Overhead Squats

Use 70% of 1 Rep Max Snatch


50 Strict Pull Ups

50 Strict Dips

Break these up however you want




Since most of today is off of percentages, it’s pretty much scaled for you.


Snatch Pull…


For the Pull Ups and Dips.  Use a band if you need to but keep it strict!!  Make sure you get your chin CLEARLY over at the top and get DEEP in those dips!




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