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AWESOME video highlighting the Invitational!  Enjoy it over the holiday!


Tomorrow I will put up a few workouts to get you through the holidays.  I won’t be posting on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, and hopefully you all will be taking some time away from your computer screens too.  


One thing I have learned over the years that I have been training and competing in CrossFit is the importance of stepping away from time to time.  BE A NORMAL PERSON.  LEARN TO RELAX AND ENJOY YOUR LIFE!  This is actually something I am really bad at but notice improvements in my performance if I take it seriously.  A lot of times we think we need to be training, training, training…and for the most part, if your goal is to get to the highest level that’s true…..but not if you aren’t in it mentally.


This site is all about enjoying training.  Making the workouts elite athletes are doing available for everyone.  Showing that you can do anything those guys can do if you just know how to properly scale and make it work for your level.  Enjoy your life and I guarantee you will enjoy training more….then you will perform better and have much more fun doing it.


This workout is from the archives from the first month of so of the NC Lab.  A little lifting followed by a fun workout.


The original workout, “Doozy”, was posted October 18, 2013.


Vivendi Lab. Week 9. Tuesday.


3 Position Snatch (kinda backwards, no dropping the bar)


Top of Knee

High Hang

Find your heaviest.


15 Min.

Rotate every 30 seconds to next station

For a total of 10 rounds of each

3 Deads 365/235

3 Bar Muscle Ups

3 Deficit HSPU

**If after 5 rounds this is easy, up the reps**


5 Min with a Partner

Back and Forth Prowler Push 100′

Prowler plus 135/90



Everyone can do this first drill.  When doing these complexes a huge focus should be the technique so don’t treat these reps like they are “for time”.


Scale the deadlift reps to something that is heavy but can be done unbroken in the 30 seconds.

Ever tried a jumping bar muscle up?  Today’s workout is a great way to try them if you never have. If you HAVE done jumping bar muscle ups…try a banded bar muscle up.


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