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When I switched the site to Vivendi, I wanted to make sure that it was about more than just the workouts.  It was important to me to post the videos of kids and adaptive athletes to show that the biggest bad asses in the world are not just the athletes you see on TV.  It’s about a way of life and a way of thinking.  The pic above is some of the Progenex crew when we were down in Vegas.  The trip was all about getting together to compete and throw down HARD…. but it was also about building community, relationships having fun.


Don’t forget to have fun in your life.  No matter how fit you are…if you are miserable, it’s not worth it.


Some fun today, from one of the ladies in the picture.  Lindsey Kelly.  Lindsey is from CrossFit Conjugate and helps me out with some of the great lifting type sessions they focus on in their programming.


Vivendi Lab. Week 4. Friday.


Max Height Seated Box Jump


10 x 2 Back Squat

Start at 70% and go up if you can


Find a 3 Rep Max 3″ Deficit Deadlift


3 x 20 Banded Hip Bridges


3 x 12 Snatch Grip Deadlift


Tabata Handstand Hold

4 Rounds 20 Second Hold 10 Second Rest

Freestanding if you can always make it, otherwise use the wall.




Check out this video of Lindsey going through the movements.



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  1. David


    Do you do more strength work apart from the wods that you post on vivendi? Curious how much time you’re devoting to the strength aspect? Thanks!


    • Miranda Oldroyd

      Not really. Maybe 1 extra day a week is all. Usually some skill oly stuff if there is a heavy day like this one.

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