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  1. Brendon Kozack

    Hey Guys!!!

    Brendon here from Projekt Possible, I know you are super busy, so first, thank you for taking the time to read this email. :)

    We’ve already had guests like AJ Roberts, Lucas Parker, and Christmas Abbott on our podcast, and I would be overjoyed if you Miranda be a voice on the show of someone who’s been around the sport as long as she has and maybe chat about her experiences and an insight into the training machine that is Norcal CrossFit. We reach a largely Canadian audience and would be thrilled to grow your impact even more here!

    Our Podcast is called Projekt Possible and is all about sharing the stories of amazing people like you with your tips and tricks so that our listeners can open their eyes to their potential and start taking action to get shit done! :)

    Would you please join us as a guest? We usually record the podcasts Thursday nights at 7:00 PM CST, but could certainly adjust to any time that works in your schedule. We actually have a spot open for this Thursday, December 17th, or another time that works best for you! The show usually lasts for about an hour and we record it on Skype, if you’d be available all I would need is your Skype name!

  2. Ilse Prerauer

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