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It’s Saturday.  We hope you have some friends to hang out with.


The pic above is of a lot of the regular crew that joins in at the 1:30 sessions.  You will notice that a lot of the workouts we program will say “with a partner”.  Anyone who has done a team competition, or even a team workout knows how much harder you push when you know someone is counting on you.  When it comes to getting as much intensity as possible, it’s really hard to push that hard alone. Our crew is ready to throw down and down to do whatever all of the time.  The attitude of the people in your crew is crucial to setting the right tone for your training sessions.  For us, we don’t really care if you have to scale or whatever…as long as you are GOING HARD.  Oh yeah, and of course if you come ready to have fun and not take yourself to seriously either.


NC Lab. Day 6.


5 Rounds

5 Deadlifts 365/235

Hand Stand Walk 50′

Alternate with a partner or go 1:1 work rest


15 min AMRAP

With a Partner

Row for Calories 20/15

20 Push ups

If you finish before your partner you get to rest til they’re done…then switch.


30 Hip and Back Extensions for quality

6 Responses to “#CrewLove”

  1. Haley

    No better way to prepare for a job interview than throwing down on a WOD. Thanks for posting! These are fan-freakin-tastic, keep em comin.

  2. Chris

    Thanks for the site and all the great info.
    I have a question in reguards to following this program or any other competition program. Obviously the loads and volume are geared toward the higher end atheletes but do you follow the methodology that in order to get better at Crossfit you have to do Crossfit?so scale to achieved the desired effect of the workout or do you advise doing a mini cycle of programming geared towards weaknesses and to get to the level to complete most of these wods rxed like strength/oly/gymnastic cycles
    Thanks for the time

  3. Chris

    Thanks for the great site and info.
    Looks like the programming is geared towards the higher caliber atheletes, my question reguarding following this program or other competitive style programming is do you believe in the notion to get better at Crossfit you have to do Crossfit and workouts should be scaled( even drastically) to obtain the desired effect or do you believe a athelete should train in small meso cycles for strength , oly, gymnastics first to build the base to complete most workouts rx?

  4. cesar

    couldnt finish this one, we’re at scond floor and the neightbors complained about the noise ! finish the 4th round at 14:30 i guess (my partner is slow at hsw)

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