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Throwback pic to 2013 NorCal Regionals





Are awesome.


Vivendi Lab. Week 10. Friday.


A little drill I got from Sean Lind…


Handstand Walk Ladder

1 meter HS walk

2 Meter HS Walk

3 Meter HS Walk

Come down in between and rest 45 seconds between rounds.  

Go as far as you can in the ladder.  You are allowed 2 fails.


20 Min EMOM

5 Deadlift 315/205

Remainder of the minute Airdyne.

This is 100 total deads!  BE CAREFUL!!



A couple people from the crew hit this one today.  It is NO JOKE.  It is 100 total deadlifts.  PLEASE choose a weight that you will be able to do unbroken the entire time and is no more than 70% of your 1 RM.  For me it is 63%


If you are new to hs walking. You need to practice holding a freestanding handstand for 7 min and then get in 7 min of hs walk practice.



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