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The boys of CrossFit Iron Mile.

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Today is another workout I designed for the transformation challenge I helped Ben Alderman from CrossFit Iron Mile with.  I originally programmed it with a barbell, but thought we haven’t seen dumbbells for a while and they are such great tools.  Pick your poison and get after it.


Vivendi Lab. Week 15. Friday.


9 min AMRAP
9 hang squat cleans
9 jerks
9 push ups
95/65 – barbell or 45/30lb dumbbells

Rest 3 min


6 min AMRAP
6 Hang Squat Clean
6 jerks
6 push ups
115/75 – barbell or 55/35 lb dumbbells


Rest 2 min


Squat clean and jerk
135/95 – barbell or 65/45 lb dumbbells

(If using a bar go from the floor, if using dumbbells go from the hang…for the clean)


Rest 1 min


3 min AMRAP





Go all out on every round.  The “jerk” may be a shoulder to overhead anyhow.  If you are getting ready for the Open probably jump and touch a target for the burpee.

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