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Missing this warm weather and Aloha vibes….the people were pretty cool too.




Here are a few other workouts that went down when we were in Hawaii.  At any given time there were 3-4 different workouts to choose from.  The EMOM was of course designed by Jason.


I know we usually post the lifting stuff BEFORE the go for it type workouts…but today it’s backward.  Do it the way it’s written.  It is important to not always get caught up in doing a lift….and then…


You never know…you might like it better this way!


Vivendi Lab.  Week 8. Saturday.



Even Minutes 20/15 Cal Row

Odd Minutes 20 Wall Balls 20/14


5 x 3 Split Jerk


5 Rounds of the following complex

1 Power Clean

1 Jerk

1 Squat Clean

2 Jerks


Start at 225/155 and go up if you can between rounds.  Rest 1-2 min between rounds.




Time to start putting on your big boy pants for these rows.  If you have been following the site for a couple of months, you probably need to try to add a calorie to whatever it is you normally scale to.  Choose a number that consistently takes you 45-50 seconds.  For the wall balls, start with 20 and see how long you can hold on.  You’re probably not going to fail a wall ball shot….


For the 5 x 3 Split Jerk, start with 75% of what you got for your 2 rep max last week and try to add each set.


On the complex you CAN drop between the first jerk and the squat clean.  Reset quick and go though.  Pick a weight you know you can hit, but it’s difficult.  Then try to add each round.  It would be cooler for you to fail a jerk on your last round than leave some in the tank.



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