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These people are like family to me.

This workout and video were originally posted on December 9, 2013.  It is CLASSIC Jason Khalipa and these training sessions were the reason the NC Lab was created in the first place.


In this video you see Jason, Garret, Alex, Molly, Gustavo and Pat.  This crew was training together EVERY DAY for about a year, or maybe a little longer and quite honestly it was some of the best times I have had in my entire life.  We don’t train together as much anymore…but it’s not because we don’t want to.  Life gets busy and schedules are tight.  These people (along with the other team members from Team NC) are and always will be like family to me and I can’t begin to thank them enough for their friendship and good times.  You will still see some pics and videos of the old NorCal crew when we DO manage to get together on the new Lab.  The change was made quite simply because this crew isn’t together as much anymore and also because I have SO MANY other fun friends who have awesome programming I would love to share with all of you.


This will be the final workout posted on the “NC Lab” as it is now.  Starting Monday morning we will have a new site and a new name….but the hard work, no bullshit attitude and good times will remain.


Enjoy an NC Lab CLASSIC.


The Lab. Year 2. Week 5. Saturday.


“Filthy 50″

50 Box Jumps 24″/20″

50 Jumping Pull Ups

50 Kettlebell Swings 1 Pood

50 Walking Lunge Steps

50 Knees to Elbows

50 Push Press 45lb

50 Hip Extensions

50 Wall Balls 20/14

50 Burpees

50 Double Unders

When the clock hits 20 min switch to…

Fight Gone Bad

3 Rounds for Total Reps

Wall Ball 20/14

Sumo Deadlift High Pull 75/55

Box Jump 20″

Push Press 75/55

Row for Calories

Rest 3 Min

For Time

10 Power Snatch 185/125

10 Power Snatch 205/135

10 Power Snatch 225/145

(these don’t HAVE to be power)


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  1. Chef

    For part 1, are the hip extensions total or per leg? For part 2, how many calories are we rowing for?

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