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Jason’s not the only one who has a sweet garage set up!




Speaking of the wonderful and talented Mrs Vollmer….today’s workout comes from what she did today.  With Jason in hi garage, Garret out of town and myself filming the show….she still has managed to do JUST FINE.  This dedication is what is going to serve her extremely well come Regionals!


NC Lab. Week 32. Wednesday.



Against an 8 minute clock:

Run 1 Mile

Max Reps Deadlift 315/205

Immediately into…

Against a 10 minute clock:

Run 1 Mile

Max Reps Power Clean 225/155

Immediately into…

Against a 12 minute clock:

Run 1 Mile

Max Reps Overhead Squat 135/95





10 Rounds

10 Handstand Push Ups

10 Pistols




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    • Miranda Oldroyd

      Yes! I just realized how bad I suck for not putting the name in there. Thank you.

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