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Vivendi Lab. Week 13. Wednesday.


Power Snatch



Snatch Balance



Squat Snatch 



Go through all 5 sets of each before moving on to the next.  Take your time with these.  Do not do an EMOM or anything silly.  Work technique and try to go heavy.


20 Min AMRAP

20/15 Calorie Row

10 Burpees over the Bar

5 Thrusters 185/135




Use a thruster weight that is doable for 5 in a row fresh, but may possibly get broken up during the workout.



4 Responses to “Fasho”

  1. Joe

    coming off of an injury so took it easy today!
    just did power snatches worked up to 170 x3

    used 160 for thrusters 6 rounds + 20 cals

    do you know any athletes that have knee cartilage issues?? if so, do you know what they do to pre-hab and train on it since cartilage stuff is kinda chronic!

  2. Dewey

    I just want to thank everyone who contributes to this programming. I started cf March of last year. Needless to say I figured out fast how weak I was. The first time I snatched weight it was 75 pounds. I weighed 220. I started following vivendilab in September and it is the shit. I am down to 200 and dropping.Two weeks ago I pr squat snatched 160. I just hit 175 tonight. Thx. Dewey

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