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TIme to have a little bit of fun with a teammate today.  Two fun team workouts coming up….


Vivendi Lab. Week 13. Saturday.


Teams of 2…

10 Min on the Clock.

20 Wall Balls

3 Rope Climbs

So…partner 1 is doing 20 Wall Balls while partner 2 is doing 3 rope climbs.  Switch back and forth in an AMRAP, but you can’t move on until both partners are ready.


This one came from Sam Briggs and Emily Bridgers in Hawaii.  We did a version of it about 5 weeks ago…but here we go again.


Teams of 2.  

For Time:

100 Muscle Ups (combined)

One person works at a time

BUT…when that person has to come off of the rings, they must complete 5 hang power cleans 175/115 and a 20 foot HS Walk before the other partner can go.  Keep going through til the pair have completed 100 muscle ups between the 2 of them.

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