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Molly in her sweet garage set up…..getting it done.



Some lifting from Brute Strength and a classic CrossFit Hero Workout.  How classic?  JT was the first Hero WOD ever posted on


Vivendi Lab. Week 9. Sunday.


5 Sets

3 Behind Neck Snatch Grip Push Press


3 Overhead Squats

Start at 70% of 1 RM Overhead Squat and add if you can 


5 Sets

3 x Snatch Grip Pull





Handstand Push Up

Ring Dip

Push Up




Make sure when you lower the push press back onto your back that you absorb it and BE CAREFUL.  If this is new for you go lighter.


On the snatch grip pull we are looking a controlled pull off of the ground, focusing on holding positions.  We want to see violent hip extension and a shrug but NO pull.  Arms should remain straight.  


On JT…you are about to find out how hard push ups can be.  Ha!  This workout compounds on itself really quickly so scale the hspu to pike on the box if you need to and use a small band on ring dip if think you will get to the point where you are doing a ton of singles with long breaks.


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