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We have gotten some AMAZING feedback from all of you and I wanted to share a few of my favorite quotes/emails we have received.  Thank you so much for the wonderful response.  We love sharing our little world with all of you!

“Just wanted to say thank you for the NCCFLAB website. NorCal is really bringing out the sense of “Community” with this site, and it shows what is awesome about CrossFit. I can’t walk onto an NFL football field and catch a pass. I can’t walk onto an MLB diamond and hit a homerun. BUT… I can go into my box and I can pound out the same workouts as CrossFit Pros (not as quickly). It is a relatable sport, and NorCal just made it an everyday reality for people across the world. Thank you and keep it up. We really appreciate it.” – Adam C. Hasty

“Just wanted to send a quick note of thanks for creating this and allowing us to follow your programming. As a newly crowned Masters Athlete I consider it a victory to be able to complete workouts within the double time of Jason’s .appreciate all of the amazing athletes that contribute to this site. You guys are beasts! Thanks again”

“Love the videos. As an analytical person, I love the posts on the reasons behind the programming/strategy. Doing some of these has added some excitement back into training for sure, even though I scale some of them. Thanks!”

“Miranda, Jason and the rest of the NC Lab scientist big shout out and thank you for posting these brutally awesome workouts…this is exactly what I was looking for. Please keep them coming!”

These are just a few and we appreciate every single one!  Thank you so much!


Today’s workout is exactly what went down when Team Progenex got together in Boston the other night.  It was literally 10pm and we had taken over a local affiliate.  So much fun.


NC Lab. Week 2. Saturday.


Back Squat

Heavy. Choose your rep scheme.

Options: 10 x 3, 5 x 6, 20 rep max



7 Strict Chest to Bar Pull Ups


With a group, share 1 bar and rotate through if possible

1 Power Clean

2 Power Clean (touch n go)

3 Power Clean (touch n go)

4 Power Clean (touch n go)

…keep going as long as you can hold onto the bar

We used 225/155.  Choose a weight you think you can get through 5.

Rotate with your partners.  For us there were about 8 guys sharing 1 bar.  If you are alone or with a smaller group, make sure you get about 1 min rest between rounds.


Also, because the room was filled with SUPER competitive boys…at round 5 they started adding a jerk at the end.  Then on round 7 it turned into tap n go clean and jerks.  I believe the most any of the guys got with the tap and go clean and jerk was 8.

It was a free for all.  Try it out if you want, otherwise, stick with the power cleans.


Have a great Saturday!





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