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Gustavo hitting today’s workout from Speal….


Another fantastic WOD from Chris Spealler for you all today.  And, I FINALLY got to make a video for Vivendi with my favorite athlete and one of my best friends, Gustavo.


I have been training Gustavo for a little over a year now and he never ceases to amaze me.  When he came to the gym the first time he was scared to fall out of his chair and he was worried about getting calluses on his hands.  Now look at this guy.


Both Gustavo and Chris are great examples of working REALLY hard with what YOU have and not worrying about anyone else.  Both of these guys have defied the odds over and over again, and both of them refuse to give up when things get tough.


Make sure you check out what Speal has going on @cspealler and

And if you want daily motivation check out Gustavo @gmarqx


Vivendi Lab. Week 5. Friday.


28 Min AMRAP

9 Overhead Squats 115/80

1 Legless Rope Climb

12 Bench Press 115/80



Alternating Tabata

8 Rounds of:

20 Seconds of HS Hold

10 Sec Rest

20 Second Hollow Rock

10 Sec Rest




Choose a weight for the overhead squat that you will be able to get unbroken for the first few rounds.


If you CAN do legless but it’s new for you, alternate rounds.  1 round legless, next round use your legs.  OR, go legless but don’t go as high.  If you are not there yet with leg less in a workout go ahead and use your legs.  If you are super new, don’t go as high or start laying on the ground and pull yourself to standing then back down hand over hand.


Choose a weight for the bench press that you will be able to get unbroken for a few rounds but potentially not every time.



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  1. Dewey

    9 rounds almost rx had to scale leg less to two climbs from my back with toes to rope at the top. Awesome workout!

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