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How can you say you have good CrossFit Programming if you never program workouts from

This workout was originally posted on Oct. 10, 2010.  I remember it being a classic and one that we LOVED back then.


Once a week or so I will post either recent or throwback workouts because they know just how to show you what your weaknesses are. isn’t programmed by just one person, so you won’t see any personal bias for what one person likes or believes is most important.  It is also not programmed for one specific athlete or one specific gym.  Sometimes when that is the case things like class size, equipment availability and time etc will come into play as a factor.


What you will notice most oftentimes too, is that workouts are simple.  3-2-1…Go…2-3 movements…simple rep schemes.  They aren’t trying to impress their members by creating something fancy, or re-inventing the wheel because they are bored.  They care only about what works and what has shown, most consistently, to garner the best general physical preparedness.


I threw in some extra lifting today, but the main goal needs to be the workout for time.


Vivendi Lab. Week 1. Friday.


Front Squat






10 Rounds for Time and Load

1 Clean and Jerk

1 Round of Cindy

(5 Pull ups, 10 Push Ups, 15 Squats)



Choose a weight that is challenging for sure.  It’s only 10 reps.  You notice in the video that Heather even starts having to split jerk.  HOWEVER, don’t choose a weight that you are waiting 30 seconds or a minute to pick up because you think you will fail after 3 rounds.  If it’s too heavy during the workout…lower it.  If it’s too light and you are smoking it….raise it.  Remember, in training it’s all about getting the best workout, not about always getting the fastest time or lifting the most weight.


4 Responses to “Heather B Clean and Jerk Cindy”

  1. Brando

    Who does contribute to the HQ programming? Does it all run through 1 person (Dave, for ex)?

  2. Zac Lewis

    FS: 185, 205, 225, 235, 245
    Thruster: 115, 165, 185, 205(f), 205(f)
    Metcon: 11:38 (225 for 3 rds, 205 for 7 rds)

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