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Today’s programming from Garret Fisher.

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Garret may have moved to Miami to coach big time rapper, Rick Ross, but don’t think he hasn’t still been working.  We keep in touch with Garret, and I still love stealing workouts from him.  Make sure to show some love as he competes in Wodapalooza this weekend.




Vivendi Lab. Week 12. Tuesday.


Hang Power Snatch



Power Snatch



Hang Squat Snatch




Double KB Thrusters 53s/35s

Double Unders (double reps…20-18-16…)

Toes to Bar



3 Rounds

30 GHD Sit Ups

1 Min Plank Hold





When you see 1s you know that is meant to be heavy.  BUT…this sequence is also supposed to help you improve technique as you go through it.  Start manageable with each one and add as you go.


For the workout, play around with the kbs beforehand.  This is pretty manageable, but kbs are awkward.  Scale the weight if you need to.


If you don’t have double unders…you know what I am going to say.  Count attempts and lower the number.  Don’t do double reps.  An attempt is an ATTEMPT though.  TRY to get them.  


If you can’t get your toes all the way to the bar, you may do a knee up.


If you are new to the GHD, scale to 15 Reps of sit ups per round.

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    • Miranda Oldroyd

      You can use dumbbells or switch to a barbell. If you do barbell use 135. I know the weight isn’t exactly the same but it is easier to manage so makes sense to go a bit heavier.

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