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If you are in the Northern California area….or if you can get here by next weekend…don’t miss Hinshaw’s Aerobic Capacity Seminar on August 23rd!



That’s right!  Coach Chris is opening up the doors of NorCal CrossFit and opening up his BRAIN to all of you for one day next weekend!  The seminar focuses on understanding and developing a resistance to fatigue!  Space is limited!




Here are a few reasons to attend from some names you might recognize!



Camille LeBlanc Bazinet:  “So thankful Chris…Couldn’t have happened without you.”  “So grateful to be working with this genius!” “Love this guy!   By far the most knowledgeable person I’ve ever met running wise!”

Jason Khalipa

“He’s the Rich Froning of running.” “He doesn’t just talk it.  He walks it and that’s what I think is important in any sport … it builds some respect that you can’t create.   You have to earn it.”  “…biggest thing I learned from doing all this work with him is pacing appropriately, and how much that really makes a difference” “He has seminars coming up, can’t wait to sit in on one.”  

Matt Chan:  “The best running coach/program designer around.”  “Thanks to @hinshaw363, I have slowed down and begun developing a true aerobic base for 2015.  The man is unreal at programming for endurance – a long standing weakness for yours truly.”

Alessandra Pichelli:  “I’ve been working with Chris for the last year – he has taken my endurance training to the next level.  Based on his extensive knowledge, he drafts a plan to help athletes achieve their true potential.  You can’t help but enjoy running with such a passionate coach who motivates you to work hard.  I would recommend anyone interested in improving their endurance to attend his seminar and guarantee that you will be impressed with his knowledge and inspired by his passion!”

Miranda Oldroyd:  “One of the most talented coaches I have ever met.  When it comes to understanding endurance and building capacity for CrossFitters in those modalities he is the best.  He has helped me so much!”

Pat Sherwood:  “He’s the real deal”

Lauren Fisher:  “I shaved off 40 seconds off of my mile since @hinshaw363 started working with me on my running!  Thanks so much!”

Molly Vollmer:  “I’m so grateful to have such an amazing endurance coach.  Hinshaw has helped me run a faster mile with 20 more pounds of muscle!”

Pat Barber:  “He is the person who has somehow made running fun and tolerable for all of NorCal CrossFit.  There is a lot of talk from top coaches in the CF games about building an aerobic base and I think there is a ton of value here.”

Garret Fisher:  “At the (2013) Games, there was a lot of running, a lot of longer events.  Chris helped me tremendously like on the Row, Naughty Nancy the Burden Run, all that…everything Chris did helped me in every single workout.  Teaching me pacing; I would definitely give him credit for how well I did at the Games.


Check out this article he wrote about attacking weaknesses with a plan…

Attacking your Weakness

I was asked several months ago to help an elite CrossFit athlete break 8min for a 2000m row.  I love programming workout progressions that have a specific goal.  

Traditional endurance programming stemming from Renato Canova’s blend method of training has proven extremely effective with connecting distances with intensities in order to achieve a specific goal.  

Start by building a platform (or base) with general aerobic conditioning and general anaerobic conditioning.  Incorporate specific conditioning once the platform is completed.  As a coach, we initially attack the progression in parallel with long distance & slow twitch aerobic efforts as well as short distance & fast twitch explosive anaerobic efforts (weeks 1-7).  Then end the cycle with specific intervals at goal pace that progressively get longer with reduced rest (weeks 8-10).

Goal: 2000m row in sub-8min

Week 1:  

1st Workout of the Week:  1x10000m @2:30-2:36/500m

2nd Workout of the Week:  8x100m max effort sprints

Week 2: 

2x5000m @2:24-2:28/500m

6x125m @23-24sec

Week 3:

3x3500m @2:20-2:24/500m

4x250m @48-51sec

Week 4:

4x2000m @2:16-2:20/500m

4x374m @64-68sec

Week 5:

5x1500m @2:12-2:16/500m 

4x500m @1:48-1:52/500m

Week 6:

5x1250m @2:08-2:10/500m

4x750m @1:52-1:56/500m

Week 7: 

4x1000m @2:04-2:08/500m

2 rds: 16×125 in 30sec w/ 45sec of rest (3min rest between rounds)

Week 8:

3x1000m @2:00/500m

2 rds:  8x250m in 60sec w/ 90sec of rest (3min rest between rounds)

Week 9:

2 rds: 5x375m in 1:30 w/ 90sec of rest (3min rest between rounds)

2 rds: 4x500m in 2:00 w/ 90sec of rest (3min rest between rounds)

Week 10:

2 rds: 4x500m in 2:00 w/ 60sec of rest (3min rest between rounds)

2000m time trial in 7:59.

What if your goal is a low volume weakness that you’d like to improve?  Wall balls, DUs, ring dips, HSPUs, pull-ups, box jumps, and any high volume barbell movement are perfect options.  We should be attacking weaknesses with the same methodology. 

If you want to string more DUs together then you must develop your power and aerobic efficiency.  Doing small sets of DUs while wearing a weight vest will develop your explosive/intensity side of the equation.   This type of work will maximize your recruitment and endurance of your fast twitch fibers.

Equally important, you must have a parallel attack on the aerobic side.  Remember, muscle recruitment, sequencing, and fatigue are specific to the movement.  Start by doing very high volumes of low tempo singles to develop your biomechanical efficiency, metabolic (fuel) efficiency, and muscular endurance.  Gradually increase your single under intensity (speed) while reducing volume.  Switching to DUs while using a rebound mat will help you maintain your volume as you progress towards the specific DU goal.   

What about wall balls?   Start developing your explosive power by performing low volume reps with a heavier wall ball (30lbs) and/or a higher target (12’).  Start developing your aerobic endurance by using no ball or the lightest available ball while hitting the goal target height.   Remember that small breaks during aerobic training are acceptable.  The primary issue with rest is the ping-pong effect it has on HR. Runners will often break up lactate threshold workouts (such as 5 x 5min with a 1min rest) as an early season method to build their capacity.  Our goal with aerobic training is consistency of the stimulus and intensity.   

What about thrusters?  How would you attack both extremes?



NC Lab.  Week 48.  Friday.

Weight Vest Workout

60min weight vest (10% of body weight) walk that includes 10x1min jogs, 5x2min jogs, and 1x5min jog to be performed anywhere in the middle of the 60min walk. You pick where to perform the jogs and the amount of walking rest (no stopping).  Rest duration must be a minimum of 1min.  The jogging tempo is anything above a walking pace.  Make every effort not to jog on downhill sections.  The vest stays on the entire workout.


Interval Workout

1200m moderate pace, 200m very slow recovery jog, 400m fast, 3min rest

1000m moderate pace, 200m very slow recovery jog, 400m fast, 3min rest

800m moderate pace, 200m very slow recovery jog, 400m fast, 3min rest

600m moderate pace, 200m very slow recovery jog, 400m fast, DONE!!

Total:  6000m


Interval Workout Details:  The bulk of the workout volume is focused on developing general aerobic endurance.  This moderate pace is at ~75-80% of your max heart rate or a 2-3 sentence conversational pace.  The intensity focus should be on the 400s.  The 400s are not sprints.  The 400s are hard sustained efforts that will teach a strong finish.  Focus on your form.  Enjoy the moderate runs and recovery jogs.


Ballistic Row Workout

10x seated box jumps

100m row

9x seated box jumps

200m row

8x seated box jumps

300m row

7x seated box jumps

400m row

 “ “ “

“ “ “

“ “ “

2x seated box jumps

900m row

1x seated box jump

1000m row

Total:  5500m plus 55 seated box jumps


Row Pace should be 10-12sec/500m slower than your 2K PR pace


Seated Box Jump: This is one of the best exercises to build powerful legs and vertical leap. Grab a seat on a step or stacked plates (~16-18”) and set another higher box (~24”) about a foot in front of the first bench. From a seated position with feet elevated off the ground, drop feet to the ground as you roll forward, push through the heels, throw the arms forward, and jump up onto the box landing with two feet. Step down, grab a seat, and do it again.


Swim Workout

1×200 (100 swim & 100 drill) w/ 1min rest

1×200 (100 swim & 100 kick) w/ 1min rest

1×200 (100 swim & 100 pull) w/ 1min rest

Main set:  2x through:

200 kick w/ fins w/ 1min rest

150 any stroke but freestyle w/ 1min rest

100 max effort  (no fins) w/ 1min rest

50 easy recovery swim w/ 1min rest

12x25s w/ fins w/ 30sec rest (1 easy, 1 easy, 1 no breathing)

100 warm down

Total:  2000





9 Responses to “Hinshaw 363”

  1. Nick Momrik

    Have been looking to do something for thrusters, so this is perfect!! Does this make sense?

    Do EMOMs with heavier thrusters, increasing reps or weight each week. Maybe do tabata style with a training bar for the aerobic side going longer or adding a little weight.

    • Coach Chris

      Yes. I like your thought process. Remember, you must initially go long to force cellular adaptation. An 8min time domain on the row had a 50min (10000m) starting aerobic target.

  2. Alex

    Is swim in meters or yds? when you say fins is it all legs? What fins do you guys recommend?

  3. Oliver

    How is it for a 7:30 Target Time ? And how Long is Rest between the Long Intervalls (10 werk plan) Thanks Oliver

  4. Nick Momrik

    Did 32 Tabata rounds (16:00) of 15# Thrusters, which ended up being 260 reps! Had a nice pool of sweat by the end. I’m afraid of what the DOMS is going to be like.


    In relation to the row workouts how much would you adjust the pacings for an individual wanting to achieve a sub 6:50, 2000m, I currently have a pub of 7:02.

    Thanks in advance guys

  6. evie

    On the rowing cycke for the 8 minute 2K what rest should you take between sets? For weeks 1-6? Thanks :)

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