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Sam Briggs is insane….and awesome.


Getting to train with Sam all last week was eye opening.  It was amazing to see, not just what she is capable of, but HOW MUCH she trains.  It’s incredible and I am very excited to see how she does this season.


I have a bunch of videos I need to make and some programming to get back on track with.  Going to keep giving you guys some of the stuff we did in Hawaii first.


Vivendi Lab. Week 8. Tuesday.


Snatch Balance






For Time:

12 Deadlift 315/205

12 Bar Muscle Up

9 Deadlift 315/205

9 Bar Muscle Up

6 Deadlift 315/205

6 Bar Muscle Up


A version of a little finisher Sam and Emily Bridgers did after one session…


With a partner

Finish 100 Muscle Ups for time

When you come off of the rings go into a 30 foot HS walk

(one person goes while other rests til you get to 100 combined reps)




For the Snatch Balance, focus on technique before you get too concerned about weight.  This SHOULD NOT be a push press into an overhead squat.  Get under that weight.


For the DL/Bar MU workout.  Choose a weight that is heavy and challenging, but will likely be unbroken.  This should be a pretty short workout 5ish minutes.  If you have chest to bar pull ups but not bar muscle ups, try getting a little bit of a jump into it.  If you don’t have chest to bars very well do 2 to 1 of those or even singles with the same reps forcing yourself to get that chest contact.  YOU MUST USE A REGULAR GYMNASTICS KIP SWING if you are subbing chest to bar or regular pull ups.  NO BUTTERFLY!


If you are doing the finisher with a partner, choose a number that is realistic.  Sam and Emily were getting 5-10 reps every time.  If your number will be 2-3 thats fine…but lower the total to 50.  If you don’t have muscle ups you can do this with strict pull ups or even ring rows!!  For the ring rows set up a box so that you are parallel to the floor with arms locked out.



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