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Kendall Eisenhut of CrossFit Winter Park



I met Kendall at the Pantheon Games in Miami last year.  She was helping out with her dad at the Progenex booth and was just SO AWESOME!  She is one of the reasons CrossFit means so much to me.  She has had some pretty cool role models and is now working hard on being a beast!  She is constantly posting on Instagram how much she loves CrossFit and wants to make it to the Games!


Speaking of role models…todays sessions were both programmed by Miss Rory Zambard.  This is one of a few workouts I have gotten from Rory.  She is smart, trains hard and keeps it simple.  Both of the sessions on today’s programming were done by Rory on the same day.


Check out more from Kendall on Insta @kendalleisenhut and

And from Rory on Insta @rzambard



Vivendi Lab. Week 4. Wednesday.


Session 1

Split Jerk 

5 sets of 2


For Time

3 Rounds

30 Overhead Walking Lunge Steps 135/95

30 Box Jumps 30/24


Session 2


1 Strict Pull Up

2 Kipping Pull Ups

Rest as needed

2 Strict Pull Ups

4 Kipping Pull Ups

Rest as needed

3 Strict Pull Ups

6 Kipping Pull Ups

Rest as needed

4 and 8

5 and 10…..go as high as you can until you fail.

Rory said she then went back down again and then back up one more time.



For Time

50 Hip Extensions

50 GHD Sit Ups

50 Hip Extensions



Good subs for hip extensions can be banded good mornings.  Place a band around your lower neck and step on it with both feet.  Keeping back flat and legs pretty straight, bend over to 90 degrees then squeeze your butt to stand up.


Since your grip will be pretty toasted from the pull ups, if you don’t have a GHD.  Do 50 candlesticks.

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