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Krystal Cantu is one of my heroes….


Today we have another workout from Spealler.  You all know how I feel about this guy.  Not only is he one of my close friends, but of course is a hero to many in our community.  I love getting workouts from him because he is smart and really gets how to program simple, elegant, high power output workouts.  He doesn’t get too fancy, too heavy, too technical most times.  He just gets you fit.  For this reason, he was my “coach” for a long time when I lived in Utah and when I first moved out to California.


I reached out to Krystal to scale this workout specifically.  I had seen her do some pretty amazing and resourceful things.  Like Kevin, Krystal was a CrossFitter before her accident.  Last year, she was in a car accident and had to have her arm amputated in order to save her life.  Since then she has done what many would be afraid to do, or possibly give up on….what she loves….CrossFit.  I am so inspired and amazed by her strength and resilience that I can’t even begin to put it into words.


I have become more and more passionate about being involved with, and highlighting our adaptive community since my own accident and since working with Gustavo.  I am so happy to have Krystal be a part of what we are doing on Vivendi.


Check out more from Speal on Insta @cspealler

Check out more from Krystal on Insta @krystalcantu


Yesterday was the Mash and it was long.  Today focus on going HARD on this one workout.


Vivendi Lab.  Week 3. Tuesday.


3 Rounds

Run 400 Meters

21 Pull Ups

7 Front Squats 225/155


Speal’s Time  8:48


Skill Practice after:

Accumulate 4 Min hanging from the pull up bar

and 3 Min in an locked out at the top of a dip on the rings



Choose a weight that you CAN do unbroken when you are fresh but it’s hard.  Take it from the ground.  If you have pull ups try to gut through all 21 every round.  This workout should take you no longer than 15 min roughly if you scale correctly.  Longer than that and you probably went too heavy.


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