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Some more help from Lindsey on today’s upper body lift and accessory work…

Today is a combination of two fun lifting sessions kind of.  First is the 30 min EMOM Khalipa and I did on Friday morning.  Then you have a Max Effort Upper Body day from CrossFit Conjugate and Lindsey Kelly.


At CrossFit Conjugate…they know how to get strong.  They use Westside Barbell’s Conjugate method for most of their lifting.  They do a lot of accessory work, like we have listed today.  For your basic CrossFit athlete, they may never need to play around with this stuff TOO much.  But, if you are trying to get strong fast, or if that is a big whole in your overall fitness – adding some of this stuff in can be really valuable.  I will be posting this type of workout once ever 2 weeks or so to give you a chance to try out what they do.


If you love it, you can learn more at

and follow Lindsey @wildcatlk


Vivendi Lab. Week 2. Tuesday.


30 Min EMOM (Every minute on the minute)

2 Back Squats @65%


Jason used 375, which I think was over 65% but he is nuts.

I used 185




Find your 1 Rep Max Floor Press


4 x 10 Ring Push Ups with Band Tension


4×10 Dumbbell Rollback Extensions (as heavy as you can go unbroken)


3×1:00 Chinese Plank Holds (if you can, try adding weight by resting it on your back)



I got REALLY sore…I mean REALLY sore from the back squats (hint…tomorrow is a rest day).

Most of this other stuff will be new for a lot of you, so take it as an opportunity to just have fun with it.  Some may not need the band for the ring push ups.  Only add the band if you are getting the sets of 10 unbroken.



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  1. Patrick

    Loved today’s workout. Really glad you guys started doing programming on here for those who are interested in competing. You guys inspire me. Keep um coming. I live in Norway so it’s hard to find a great program that works for me. Gonna keep up with you guys and see how I progress.

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