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Ever notice how common it is to lift and then do some sort of met con heavy breathing workout??  Some days, if we are going to do both a heavy and a met con type workout in the same session, that needs to be switched around.  Today the priority is to get your legit Elizabeth time, so we are going to do that first.  Don’t leave anything in the tank for the lifting.  You will be fine…even if you have to go lighter than normal.  Hey, you never know, you might just feel stronger!


Vivendi Lab.  Week 16. Friday.


Power Clean Elizabeth


Power Clean 135/95

Ring Dip


Rest 10-15 Min




Back Squat 

5 x 7


Bench Press

5 x 7


Alternate the movements and go heavy for each set with at least 2 min between sets.  So, do a set of 7 back squat…rest 2-3 min….set of 7 bench…rest 2-3 min…back squat….



On Elizabeth it should be DEFINITELY a sub 10 min workout.  Choose a weight that will allow you to do that.  For the dips you can use a band or a slight jump if you have to in order to make that time.  Whatever you do…do it on the rings!  Even ring push ups would be good!

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  1. Luke quirion

    I am one of the coaches at my box and we have been following you for our competitors course, and it has helped us improve on all domains, thanks everyone. PR Elizabeth 3:34 UB 21 cleans and all ring dips UB

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