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So….I had a different workout programmed…but today’s workout looked SO GREAT….so I couldn’t make you wait for it.


Vivendi Lab. Week 19. Wednesday.


With a running clock, every minute perform 1 lift and add 10 pounds.


Start with an empty barbell and snatch for as long as possible.


Once you cannot snatch the weight, clean for as long as possible.


Once you cannot clean the weight, deadlift for as long as possible.


5 Responses to “Mainsite Lifting FUN”

  1. Dewey

    Awesome workout… For me at least. First off no lifters tied my pr for snatch 175 and clean 205 then I prd my dead by 10# at 375. Time 33:22

  2. Kevin

    Did the same thing at our box! awesome workout! Snatch: 185 Clean:305 #5lb PR DL: 405…just stopped there.

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