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So…hopefully by now you have logged your 15.1 and 15.1A scores and are ready for what we do on Mondays.  Stay off the damn leaderboard….what’s done is done.  Only one way to get fitter…get back to work!


Vivendi Lab. Week 18. Monday.


For Time:

75 Pull Ups

75 Push Ups

75 Front Squats 75/55

75 Hang Power Cleans 75/55

75 Push Press 75/55

75 GHD Sit Ups

75 Double Unders


Rest 7 Min


3 Rounds for Time

Run 400

20 Box Jumps 24/20

3 Rope Climbs


Rest 7 Min


For Time:

20 Snatches (any type) 165/110




Use a band or ring rows for pull ups, not jumpers.

Go to your knees if you need to, in order to keep moving on the push ups.

Hang Power Clean weight scale 55/35.  Same for Push Press.

Scale GHD number if they are new to you.  25 or 50 and only go to parallel. 

Count double under attempts.


Scale # of rope climbs if necessary to keep moving.


Snatch weight should be no more than 80% of your 1 rep max snatch.

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  1. Dewey

    Wow that was horrible. After the first one I was in a fog. 40:08,23:48,11:12 scaled snatch to 140=80%.

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