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Some words of advice and plan of attack from Jason about today’s workout:
Ok, so you know the workout. Now what? I have one question for you. What is your Game Plan? Do you have one? Lets make one. 
Here is mine. 
I know that 7 ground to overhead at 115 is pretty darn manageable. I also know that 7 burpees over a box is pretty manageable as well. However combined and for 12 minutes makes this combo a bit spicy. 
Can you do 7 G to O unbroken….ofcourse. Can you do 7 burpee box jumps without stopping…..ofcourse. How can we now hold that for 12 minutes. The answer most likely is, you can’t. 
If you have time, try and do 1 round at 80% effort…..see what your time is. Then divide that into the 12 minutes to give you an estimated goal for how many rounds you should get. 
My game plan when I do this in a few days will be simple. Should I clean and jerk or snatch? 115 is less then 40% of my 1 rep max, given that I will attempt snatches. Had this weight been 205 I would be clean and jerking for sure. The rep scheme for me to start would be Four snatches, rest a few seconds, 3 snatches….get on the burpees and don’t go fast but also don’t stop. Smooth is fast on the burpees. Come back to the bar and attempt the same rep scheme. Then attempt the same burpees….the burpees should be 100% doable here. On your third round the snatches may or may not get a bit challenging, if or when they do I will most likely switch to sets of two or singles with very minimal rest. The goal on this workout is to literally not stop moving, the loads and demands are not heavy enough to require an extended break. 
NC Lab. Day 7.
12 min amrap
7 Ground to OH 115/85
7 Burpee over the box 20″
Accumulate 15 wall climbs
Accumulate 50 supine ring rows

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  1. Wladi

    Hi guys, haven’t really been following anything specific for the last 3-4 months or so and I want to start this program but not sure if I should start from day 1 or just go at it from where it’s at now. Would love the input, and thx for doing this, y’all rock!

  2. Dickson

    Awesome stuff going on here guys! My training partners and I have been following your stuff and man, is this killing me. Freakin’ awesome work!

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