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Checked in with Garret today.  He is back in Miami after being here with us for a while for Christmas.  He gave me what he did today and what he got and I thought you all would be stoked to give it a try.  The morning lifting is from me and the afternoon session is from him.


Vivendi Lab. Week 10. Wednesday.


Session 1:


Back Squat



Bent Over Row



Weighted Pull Up



You can alternate through movements, just make sure you are getting enough rest to go heavy in all 3.


Session 2:



20 Min AMRAP

400 Meter Run

Max Reps Pull Ups


After every 400 you do a MAX SET of pull ups.  When you come off the bar….it’s time to run again.



35, 28, 25, 20, 20, 25

Total:  153




Go heavy for all sets of 3.  Doesn’t have to be the same weight or percentage the whole time.  Don’t count it until it’s heavy (around 80% of max)


Bent over row:


For Nicole, if you do not have at least 10 pull ups in the tank for each set…the ONLY scale I want to see is ring rows.  Place your feet in a spot where you can get 10-20 per round.  No bands, no jumping FOR SURE.  Only ring rows.


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