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Monday Monster Mash from Pat Sherwood and CrossFit Linchpin.


Vivendi Lab. Week 20. Monday.


5 Rounds for Time

2 Rope Climbs 15′

6 Power Clean 185/125

12 Ring Dips


Rest 10 Min


3 Rounds for Time

400 M Run

20 Power Snatch 95/65


Rest 10 Min


2 Rounds for Time

20 Deadlifts 155/105

20 Calorie Row

15 Front Squats 155/105

15 Shoulder to Overhead 155/105

3 Responses to “March Monday Mash”

  1. Dewey

    19:10, 18:48, 19:03. Scaled cleans to 165. Last workout scales to 135. Still sore from yesterdays half hour adventure

  2. Chris H

    5 Rds 15:22 Rx. I probably could of went faster, I didn’t know how grip would so I paced first 2 rds but I speeded up after that.

    3 Rds 10:22 Rx.

    I only did first two workouts. I did 15.3 yesterday and a back squats and deficit hspu’s after. So my shoulders are still feeling it.

  3. Nate

    This was a really good one. The first workout really messed with my grip on the last couple rope climbs. Then the run & snatches were just what I needed coming off a couple days of rest. Used the last workout as a steady finisher.

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2 Responses to “Sunday AMRAP”

  1. Nick

    Honestly I read this and thought, “that’s it? Seems real simple” after doing it, laying on the floor I thought ” holly shit ” simplicity can be a beautiful thing and is truly under appreciated

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My good friend Brooke Sawyers.


Vivendi Lab. Week 19. Saturday.


12 Min EMOM

1 Push Press

1 Push Jerk

1 Split Jerk

(All the same minute.  Go heavy)




30 Snatch (any kind) 135/95

30 Clean and Jerk 135/95


My time was 4:41



2 Responses to “Post 15.3”

  1. Adrian

    I absolutely loved this work out!
    The 1st part was a good warm up to get right into the Isa Grace

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So….I had a different workout programmed…but today’s workout looked SO GREAT….so I couldn’t make you wait for it.


Vivendi Lab. Week 19. Wednesday.


With a running clock, every minute perform 1 lift and add 10 pounds.


Start with an empty barbell and snatch for as long as possible.


Once you cannot snatch the weight, clean for as long as possible.


Once you cannot clean the weight, deadlift for as long as possible.


5 Responses to “Mainsite Lifting FUN”

  1. Dewey

    Awesome workout… For me at least. First off no lifters tied my pr for snatch 175 and clean 205 then I prd my dead by 10# at 375. Time 33:22

  2. Kevin

    Did the same thing at our box! awesome workout! Snatch: 185 Clean:305 #5lb PR DL: 405…just stopped there.

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Vivendi Lab. Week 19. Tuesday.


Molly’s rowing workout from Coach Chris.


Row 20 Min

During this time find a moderate pace and add in 8x 50 second surges while you are going.


Rest 1 Min


Row 16 Min

8 x 40 second surges mixed in


Rest 1 Min


Row 12 Min

8 x 30 sec surges mixed in


Rest 1 Min


8 Min Row

8 x 20 Sec Surges Mixed in


1 Min Rest


4 Min Row

8 x 10 Sec Surges mixed in.


The main pace is NOT a recovery pace…but still a pretty good pace.  Surges are HARD.


One Response to “All of the Rowing”

  1. Chris H

    14,397 meters I am done. This sucked but fun at thesame time. Prefer to run but it is always good to get any workout from Hinshaw.

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Let 15.2 go…..hit this Mash to keep your mind off of the leaderboard.


Vivendi Lab. Week 19. Monday.


Clock is running throughout:


At 0:00

3 Rounds for Time:

12 Thrusters 135/95

6 Ring Muscle Ups


At 15:00

3 Rounds for Time:

12 Burpee Box Jumps 24/20

6 Squat Cleans 205/145


At 30:00

3 Rounds for Time:

12 Overhead Squats 155/105

6 Bar Muscle Ups



Scale in a way for the weight and reps/movements in order to get at least 3 minutes of rest between workouts.


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Sorry about the not actual posting on the site of 15.2.  Travel and faulty hotel internet were a problem…good thing you all knew how to find it and I am sure have already gotten after it.


Here is some more fun for your weekend.


Vivendi Lab. Week 18. Saturday.


From CrossFit Linchpin:


5 Rounds

20 Wall Balls 20/14

10 Hang Power Cleans 155/105



Rest as needed


7 Rounds

30 Seconds HSPU

30 Seconds Rest

30 Seconds GHD Sit Ups

30 Seconds Rest





2 Responses to “Post 15.2”

  1. Marco

    Miranda! i’m absolutley in love with yours workout.
    Spicy, smart, efficent, funny… so inspirational!

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Who’s ready for 15.2?!


Any guesses as to what it might be?!


Make sure to get to at 5 PM Pacific to see the announcement!


Vivendi Lab. Week 18. Thursday.


Rest or Make Up.

7 Responses to “15.2 Eve”

  1. Dewey

    117 reps for 15.2. Those pull ups get you so fast. Break them up earlier than you think

  2. Nick

    Miranda I just want to thank you again for all of the great programming. I have been following Vivendi and NCLab since June of 2014. After doing 15.2 today I felt the need to share my success story. Last year was my first Open, on 14.2 I only got 62 reps after training at my local Box for about 6 months, now after following your programming I just scored a 116 on 15.2 the progress I have made in the last year is unbelievable and while I still have a lot of work to do all my progress is thanks to Vivendi and NCLab.

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