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This is kind of a crappy pic and I a totally off of my heels in this pic….but this workout HURT and doing it alone in my back yard did NOT make it any better.  Had to post it for you to enjoy.


Disclaimer:  I don’t know what the Monday Monster Mash is…and you are definitely going to be sore from this…just sayin.


Vivendi Lab. Week 16. Sunday.


7 Rounds for Max Reps

30 Seconds Max Reps Thrusters 95/65

1 Min Rest


If you did the death by thrusters this week already…switch this to an overhead squat.




10 Rounds not for time

10 Strict Pull Ups

1 Min Plank



Choose a weight that you can do 15 unbroken thrusters with no problem.  Highest score we saw was 20….all 7 rounds.

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Ever notice how common it is to lift and then do some sort of met con heavy breathing workout??  Some days, if we are going to do both a heavy and a met con type workout in the same session, that needs to be switched around.  Today the priority is to get your legit Elizabeth time, so we are going to do that first.  Don’t leave anything in the tank for the lifting.  You will be fine…even if you have to go lighter than normal.  Hey, you never know, you might just feel stronger!


Vivendi Lab.  Week 16. Friday.


Power Clean Elizabeth


Power Clean 135/95

Ring Dip


Rest 10-15 Min




Back Squat 

5 x 7


Bench Press

5 x 7


Alternate the movements and go heavy for each set with at least 2 min between sets.  So, do a set of 7 back squat…rest 2-3 min….set of 7 bench…rest 2-3 min…back squat….



On Elizabeth it should be DEFINITELY a sub 10 min workout.  Choose a weight that will allow you to do that.  For the dips you can use a band or a slight jump if you have to in order to make that time.  Whatever you do…do it on the rings!  Even ring push ups would be good!

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  1. Luke quirion

    I am one of the coaches at my box and we have been following you for our competitors course, and it has helped us improve on all domains, thanks everyone. PR Elizabeth 3:34 UB 21 cleans and all ring dips UB

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Alex and Jason.

This crew is getting SO FIRED UP for the Open and for the 2015 Games Season!  If you haven’t yet signed up for the Open you need to get on that ASAP.
Vivendi Lab. Week 16. Thursday.
Hop on the rower and test your 5k row.
This is the only requirement for today…so get after it.  If you want to put in some more work hit some legless rope climb and handstand hold practice.

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Zack Ruhl

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Zack is one of my favorite athletes.  Not just because he is a bad ass adaptive athlete who refuses to quit, but also because he is fun and funny.  He is always having a good time, trying new things and cheering on others.


Another golden opportunity to crush it today from Pat Sherwood and CrossFit Linchpin….with a little gymnastics work from me!


Vivendi Lab. Week 16. Wednesday.


5 Rounds

3 Strict Muscle Ups INTO

5 Kipping Muscle Ups

Rest as needed between rounds.


Death by Thrusters


Min 1 do 1 Thruster

Min 2 do 2 Thrusters

Min 3 do 3 Thrusters…..

Until you DIE!!  Ha! Until you can’t make it in the minute anymore.



Use a weight that is just slightly heavier than you would use to try to get a 7 min or less Fran. Something you could definitely do 15 reps in a row with fresh.


(scale the numbers if you need to 1 and 3, or 2 and 4)


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  1. Chelsea

    A) work up to a heavy 2 DL stopped after 285#
    B) thruster wod 14 rounds + 13
    C) 30 strict chest to ring pull-ups

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Here’s what this crew did today.  This little 12-1 lit me up.  Good luck.  Just DON’T STOP!


Lifting programmed by Diane Fu.  WOD by Austin Begeibing.


VIvendi Lab. Week 16. Tuesday.


Muscle Snatch

Find Heavy Single


Find Heavy Single for the Complex

Snatch Pull, Snatch, Snatch Balance


Push Press + Pause Jerk EMOM

12 Min

Start at 70% of your 1 Rep Push Press and go up if you can.

Regular Push Press, then pause for 3 seconds in the dip of the jerk…before you drive.


Front Squat

6 x 2


For Time:

12, 11, 10, 9……1

Pull Up

Box Jump 24/20

Kettlebell Swing 2/1.5


Fastest time?

Jen Zambruno CRUSHED it in 8:08.



Go lighter on the KB if you think you are going to need to break that up for strength reasons.  If you need to sub the pull ups, don’t use a band, use jumpers or ring rows.  Step up and down if you need to.


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  1. Chelsea

    A) 5 rounds
    50 DU
    5 strict HSPU (a major weakness)
    B) 12-1 8:41 as rx’d.
    C) 50 back ext
    Thanks that was a fun wod! Nice work on that Jen!

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Gustavo will be doing the Monday Monster Mash (even after a pretty crazy weekend in Vegas)….will you?


The Open starts NEXT WEEK!  I can’t even believe it!  Very interested to see how it’s different this year with the potential for people to scale etc.


Any predictions?


Vivendi Lab. Week 17. Monday.



7 Thrusters 95/65

7 Pull Ups


Rest 5 Min



5 Deadlifts 225/155

5 Handstand Push Ups


Rest 5 Min



5 Power Cleans 115/75

25 Double Unders


Rest 5 MIN



10 Calorie Row

5 Burpees Over the Rower, Lateral


Rest 5 Min



7 Box Jumps 24/20

7 Toes to Bar


Notes:  ALL of these loads should be completely manageable and sets on everything should be something you can definitely do unbroken, at least at first.  If you are breaking a lot in these workouts you are missing the intended stimulus.

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After all of the hearts and chocolates….we might be a little foggy.  But there is always time to train!  Lots of barbells yesterday, so let’s hit some gymnastics work.  Thanks to CrossFIt Linchpin for today’s programming.


Vivendi Lab.  Week 16. Sunday.


For Time:

75 Strict Ring Dips

50 Strict Chest to Bar Pull Ups

75 Knees to Elbows

50 Meter Handstand Walk




Every 90 Seconds for 10 Rounds

2 Rope Climbs


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This is going to be SO epic.

FullSizeRender (32)


I am more excited to watch this throwdown that I have been to watch anything in a LONG time.  All 3 of these women earned their title, and I can’t wait to see them all together soon!


Vivendi Lab.  Week 16. Saturday.



Power Snatch + 2 Overhead Squat

Start at 75% of Power Snatch



AMRAP 10 Min

30 Snatch 75/45

30 Snatch 135/75

30 Snatch 165/100

30 Snatch 210/120


(Power snatches/Split snatches are acceptable throughout)


50 Strict Toes to Bar

50 Hip Extensions with a 2 second pause at the top



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Jen and I with Garrett Holeve at Wodapalooza.  One of my favorite athletes there.

FullSizeRender (31)

I know you must be fired up after looking at this photo…..but…


Vivendi Lab. Week 16. Friday.


Rest or Make Up

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Pic was taken by my teammate Jen Zambruno, who had to meet Coach Chris at the track yesterday at 6am to get her mile time trial in before work.  So rad.


Speaking of Coach Chris….he whipped up some good stuff for everyone today.


Vivendi Lab. Week 16. Thursday.


Aerobic Threshold/Strength Endurance Row Workout

Part 1:  3x3000m (see details below) w/ 5min rest b/t reps


Workout Details: Alternate tempo for each 3000m interval

500m ON, 500m OFF, 400m ON, 400m OFF, 300m ON, 300m OFF, 200m ON, 200m OFF, 100m ON, 100m OFF
Part 1:  Pacing
“ON” target pace:  5-8sec/500 slower than your 2k PR time
“OFF” target pace:  25-30sec/500m slower than your 2k PR time

Part 2:  Perform within 10min after finishing Part 1 

5 rounds

6x Overhead walking (3ea leg) lunge (135/95lbs)

9x Weighted back rack broad jumps (135/95lbs)

12x Single leg (6ea leg) box jumps (10″/8″).

200m row (max effort sprint)

3min rest b/t rounds


Interval Run Workout

4 rounds:  600m, 200m

1min rest b/t reps

4min rest b/t rounds

Total:  3200m

Workout Pacing:  The opening round pacing for this workout should be slightly faster than your mile goal time.  As example, Rich Froning targeted the following:

600m in 2:03 (20.5sec/100m)

Rd 1:  200m in 41sec

Rd 2:  200m in 40sec

Rd 3:  200m in 39sec

Rd 4:  200m in 38sec



Swim Workout

3×100 swim free w/ 60sec rest

8×50 w/ fins (odd w/ board/even w/o board) w/ 30sec rest

3×100 swim free w/ 60sec rest

6×50 pull w/ 30sec rest

3×100 swim free w/ 60sec rest

4×50 swim w/ fins (25 no breathing/25 easy) w/ 60sec rest.

Total:  1800


Interval Row Workout

4x1200m (500m, 400m, 300m)

40sec rest b/t reps & 5min rest b/t sets


Workout Target Pacing:  3-5sec/500m slower than your 2000m PR


Workout Details:  Treat the opening 500m a warm-up (slightly above the pace range).  The 1st set 400m & 300m should be within the range.  The core of this workout is the 3rd set.  Push your pace near (or below) the low end of the range.  The forth set should not be your fastest – just keep in within the range. 

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  1. Ryan

    Thanks Chris! I am an athlete from canada east and I do every row workout that is posted . I just wanted to say thank you for making me a better crossfitter and thank you for the ncc crew for sharing!

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