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If you haven’t registered for the CrossFit Games Open yet, you better do it!!  I will be programming rest days on Thursdays and the Open workouts on Fridays through that whole 5 weeks!  Whether you are trying to be competitive with other people or not, the Open is always a good time to put yourself out there and push just a little bit harder for those last few reps each week!


Vivendi Lab. Week 16. Wednesday.


Run 1 Mile for time.


Go all out.




For Time

Row 1k

15 Hang Power Cleans 205/135

40 Calories on Assault Bike

15 Hang Power Cleans 205/135


Accumulate 50 Ring Rows with a 1 second pause with chest touching rings

Accumulate 50 Ring Push Ups with a 3 second pause at the top and bottom.



Choose a weight for the hang cleans that you think you can do in 2 sets.

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Alex Rollin

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Such a cool shot by the Progenex photographers at Wodapalooza.


I pulled today’s workout from the archives of the NC Lab.  It was back in March of last year.  There is a little bit of squatting (ha ha) and I am sure we are sore from yesterday…but the Open is coming!  These are the movements we need!!


Vivendi Lab.  Week 16. Tuesday.




NC Lab. Week 27. Tuesday.


Back Squat


All sets are heavy. Basically when the weight get’s too heavy to do 7.  When it get’s too heavy to do 7, do 5….


7 Sets of the Complex

3 Press

3 Push Press

3 Split Jerk

Focusing on taxing the press so you will be able to work the speed and hip drive of the jerk.


Against a 5 Min Clock Complete:

100 Pull Ups

Against a 5 min Clock Complete:

80 Wall Balls 30/20

Against a 5 Min Clock Complete:

60 Burpees over the Box 24/20

(If you can jump all the way OVER the box)

Against a 5 Min Clock Complete:

40 Clean and Jerks 155/105

Against a 5 Min Clock Complete:

1200 Meter Row


If you don’t finish the desired work in 5 min…cut your losses and move on to the next thing.  If you finish before 5 Min, you can rest.  No rest between efforts.



Pretty self explanatory here!  For the pull ups, just go for it if you have em…even if you think you might only get 30.  Get as many as you can in 5 min.  


If you struggle with wall balls in general, and you have access to a ball in between these weights, use that.  Go into it with the intention of getting 80 with the weight you choose.


Choose a weight for the clean and jerk that is 10 lbs heavier than you would use for Grace.


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  1. Nick

    Speaking of the Open, Do you have any idea how the weeks on Vivendi are going to be structured for the weeks of the Open Miranda? I am asking cause I know I will be going to a local gym on Friday nights to do the workouts rather then videotaping the workouts at my house I am wondering which days you plan to program them onto Vivendi? obviously not a big deal if you don’t yet just curious

    • Miranda Oldroyd

      We will actually be doing the Open workouts on Fridays too. Will prob schedule a rest on Thurs, Open on Fri!

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This one is a doozy…some high power output with some serious skill in the middle.


Vivendi Lab. Week 16. Monday.



Deadlift 225/155

Thruster 95/65


Rest 10 Min


2 Rounds for Time

5 Rope Climbs

100 Foot HS Walk

1 Min L Sit (accumulate if necessary)


Rest 10 Min


3 Rounds for Time

40 Air Squats

20 Hang Power Cleans 115/75



On part 1 choose a weight that you will at least attempt or plan on doing unbroken for both.  This workout should take around 5 min.  No more than 7.


On part 2.  Choose a number of rope climbs you can do in 2 min or less.  If you are bad at HS walking go to 100 ft or max distance in 2 min.  Fight through the L Sit. Tuck if you need to!


For Part 3 gut it out.  If that weight is heavy for you for a set of 20 lower to 95/65 or even 75/55.  This should be a weight that the plan is to go unbroken.  This workout should be 10 or less.

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Absolutely love this picture.  I wish I could go back…RIGHT NOW.


Today some fun we had with the crew from NorCal and Gustavo.


Vivendi Lab. Week 15. Saturday.


Back Squat



Power Clean and Push Jerk

Find a heavy single


A few little doozies from Invictus



10 Chest to Bar Pull Ups

10 Alternating Pistols

10 Handstand Push Ups


Rest 2 Min



10 Burpee Box Jumps 24/20

10 Shoulder to Overhead 135/95


On the first one, I believe scores from our crew were in the 4 round range.

On #2 same thing.  A few finished round 4.



Choose a style of pull up that will allow you to go unbroken for the most part, same with the handstand push ups.

Choose a weight on the shoulder to oh that will allow unbroken or max 2 sets with a SHORT rest.



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The boys of CrossFit Iron Mile.

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Today is another workout I designed for the transformation challenge I helped Ben Alderman from CrossFit Iron Mile with.  I originally programmed it with a barbell, but thought we haven’t seen dumbbells for a while and they are such great tools.  Pick your poison and get after it.


Vivendi Lab. Week 15. Friday.


9 min AMRAP
9 hang squat cleans
9 jerks
9 push ups
95/65 – barbell or 45/30lb dumbbells

Rest 3 min


6 min AMRAP
6 Hang Squat Clean
6 jerks
6 push ups
115/75 – barbell or 55/35 lb dumbbells


Rest 2 min


Squat clean and jerk
135/95 – barbell or 65/45 lb dumbbells

(If using a bar go from the floor, if using dumbbells go from the hang…for the clean)


Rest 1 min


3 min AMRAP





Go all out on every round.  The “jerk” may be a shoulder to overhead anyhow.  If you are getting ready for the Open probably jump and touch a target for the burpee.

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Alessandra Pichelli and Coach Chris.

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He’s BAAAACK!  Coach Chris has been traveling the globe and visiting some of the best in the world while doing it.  We finally got him back and got some workouts for him!  I don’t know whether to be excited or scared?


There are some good ones here, but the rowing one looks AWESOME!  Make sure to note that you need to do both parts!


Vivendi Lab. Week 15. Thursday.


Row Workout Part 1:

1000m, 500m, 250m (40sec rest b/t reps)

Rest 3min

800m, 400m, 200m (40sec rest b/t reps)

Rest 3min

600m, 300m, 150m (40sec rest b/t reps)

Rest 3min

400m, 200m, 100m (40sec rest b/t reps)

Rest 3min

200m, 100m, 50m (40sec rest b/t reps)

Total:  5250m


Workout Details:

Your 500m pace from rep to rep must get faster and faster.  And your 500m pace from round to round must also get faster and faster.  As example, your 500m pace from 1000m to 500m to 250m (as well as each subsequent round) must get faster and faster.  In addition, your 500m pace from 1000m to 800m to 600m to 400m to 200m must get faster and faster.  This means the 1000m pace is the slowest and the 50m pace is the fastest.  Reset your rower after every interval.  Use a second clock to maintain your rest.


Immediately begin warming up your dead lift after finishing Part 1


Row Workout Part 2:  (Start within 10min from finishing Part 1)

5 rounds

6x dead lifts (315/225)

10x overhead jumping split lunges (55/35)

14x box jumps (10”/8”)

200m row (max effort)

3min rest b/t rounds


Workout Details:  This is a classic strength endurance workout where you will be recruiting your fast twitch posterior chain muscle fibers and making them go long with the monostructural row.  Recovery is import.  Don’t cut the rest short.  Take more as needed to keep your round times under 1:30.



Run Workout

2x800m w/ 10sec rest b/t efforts (record your slowest time)

Slowest time can’t be more than 5sec/800m pace from fastest

1min rest

1x1600m paced at your slowest 800m time

3min rest

4x400m w/ 10sec rest b/t efforts (record your slowest time)

Slowest time can’t be more than 3sec/400m pace from fastest

1min rest

1x800m paced at your slowest 400m time

3min rest

6x200m w/ 20sec rest b/t efforts (record your slowest time)

Slowest time can’t be more than 2sec/500m pace from fastest

1min rest

1×400 paced at your slowest 200m time

3min rest

8x100m w/ 30sec rest b/t efforts (record your slowest time)

Slowest time can’t be more than 1sec/500m pace from fastest

1min rest

1×200 paced at your slowest 100m time


Workout Details:  Your pace from round to round (800 to 400 to 200 to 100) must get faster.    The final 200 is a max effort.



Swim Workout

16×25 w/ 20sec rest (1 drill, 1 non-free)

2×200 pull w/ 45sec rest

12×25 w/ fins w/ 20sec rest (1 easy, 1 ALL OUT!!)

2×150 pull w/ 45sec rest

8×25 w/ 20sec rest (4x:  2 breaths, 0 breath)

2×100 pull w/ 45sec rest

4×25 w/o fins 20sec rest (ALL OUT!!)

2×50 warm-down


Workout Details:  Make every effort to hold the 20sec rest on all 25s.

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    • Coach Chris

      Thanks SamCFH!! I also love these 2 part workouts. These workouts should feel like a long endurance event in Part 1. Then Part 2 should feel like your finishing kick when all your slow twitch fibers are failing. Our goal is to teach your body how to maximize the recruitment of those FT fibers and then make them go long with that max effort row.

  1. Nick

    That was the most painful thing I have done since the Weight vest, Thruster jump squats workout a few months ago. glad to see Hinshaws stuff is back. Not that all the other programing on Vivendi isn’t phenomenal but, Hinshaws stuff is a special kind of hell

  2. Coach Chris

    Nick, Thank you for taking the time to write this note. Much appreciated. You post actually made me laugh a little. Matt Chan did this workout and all I got in return was, “Wholly hell”

  3. Nath

    Chris, this was brutal.. after 600m, i was crying out for the rest! Even managed a PR on my 100m time! Great post, thank you

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Brennan Fjord.

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Vivendi Lab. Week 15. Wednesday.


20 Min Every Other Min

Power Snatch

Hang Snatch

Snatch Balance

Overhead Squat


Start at 75% of 1RM Snatch and go up if you can.


From CrossFit Linchpin:


For Time:

100 Double Unders

10 Squat Snatch 155/105

80 Double Under

8 Squat Snatch

60 Double Under

6 Squat Snatch

40 Double Under

4 Squat Snatch

20 Double Under

2 Squat Snatch



Accumulate 5-10 Legless Rope Climbs


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This crew has been hanging out for the past 5 days. They are so bad ass and have pushed each other to do some amazing things.  They are putting together some really sweet videos that I can’t wait to see and post here.


Vivendi Lab. Week 15. Tuesday.







5 Rounds, each for time:

20 Chest to Bar Pull Ups

30 Wall Balls 20/14

40 Push Ups

Rest 3 Min


50 GHD Sit Ups for Time



Try to go up in weight on each set of the deadlift.


Choose a # of chest to bars that you can do in 1-2 sets.  Push it.  If it ends up being 3, that’s ok, but more than 3 is too much rest.

Go to your knees on the push ups if they start to get really broken up.

DO NOT cut out the rest on this workout.




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Awesome pic I was tagged in on Instagram.

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“@ed_cardoso21  My first CrossFit workout was in Leatherneck, Afghanistan about a year ago.  I don’t remember what exactly the WOD was, however I do remember tears, vomit and scraped shins from box jumps.  Do you remember your first CrossFit workout?”


Back home from Dubai so posts should be back on schedule.


Vivendi Lab. Week 15. Monday.


For time:


Row 1000 Meters

50 Thrusters 45# 

30 Pull Ups


Rest 10 Min


For Time:

30 Overhead Squats 135/95

10 Muscle Ups

30 Calorie Row


Rest 10 Min


For Time

Row 3000

1.5 Mile Run





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  1. Ray

    Yup. First crossfit workout ever was in Iraq 2008. 5 round version of fight gone bad. Never felt so sick during and after a workout before and I puked like 3 or 4 times after it was over. After that, I was hooked.

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Wifi in the hotel room is now completely useless… So will keep this single.


Vivendi Lab. Week 14. Sunday.

Find your heaviest in the complex:

Push Press


Split Jerk


For Time

30 Jerk 185/125

30 Box Jump 36/30

30 Power Clean 185/125

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