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So far we have had such a great response to the NC Lab site, programming etc.  We are so pumped to be sharing all of the fun we have at the gym every day with all of you.  Hopefully it has been obvious what a good time we have together, and hope you are doing the same.


At the end of the day though, we are all here because we want to get fit.  You wouldn’t be putting yourself through these sessions if you weren’t serious about taking yourself to the next level….and neither would we!!  The first few days we were posting  we made sure to remind you guys to check out the “Why the Lab” page on this site.  It has a lot of info about who this site is for and how to get the most out of it.  If you haven’t checked it out…PLEASE DO IT!


With that said, we have gotten a lot of cool feedback from people who “have no intention of doing all of the programming, and will rarely do any of it RX’d, but love being able to share in the fun”.  We love that.  If you are in that camp, please keep it up and know we love having you as part of the NC Lab crew.


If you ARE using this program to improve specifically for competition/the Games, make sure you pay attention to the final few lines from the “Why the Lab” section.  Get a coach, work your weaknesses….etc.  One of the major flaws with following just a generic competition program for the masses (even the best ones) is that we all have our strengths and weaknesses.  In our crew we all know what those things are and will work individually where we feel we need a little extra love.  For some it’s extra gymnastics, others it’s lifting, mobility, technique.  You don’t need to necessarily add a ton of VOLUME with that stuff because, as you can see, we hit a lot and we hit it often with this program.  But, maybe 1-2 times a week you need to be picking a weakness and attacking it!  Only you know what those weaknesses are.


P.S….If you DON’T think you have a weakness…we will do our best to help you find one.


NC Lab. Week 2. Day 2.

7 rounds

1 min Row for Calories (try to hold 20/15)

1 min max reps Power Clean 135/95 (15 is a good goal)

1 min Airdyne for RPM (75/65)


10 Rounds

10 Pull Ups

10 Dumbbell Push Press 50/35


7 min AMRAP

8 KB Swings 2/1.5

8 GHD Sit Ups



10 Responses to “Tuesday. ‘Bout it.”

  1. Will Blaker

    Hope you guys are well. I want to come down as share in some of the fun but I have to pick my daughter up from school at 3. You guys meet on the weekends?

  2. Erbie

    Wanted to give a big thanks for posting this information! The point about weaknesses is right on the money. Keep these WODs coming!

  3. Chausse Sylvester

    Just want to say thank you!! It’s been super fun to follow! I’m not able to do everything RX yet but I’m working on it! Thanks again :))

  4. Chad Doncsecz

    First part: complete (double unders subbed/ no airdyne)

    Second: 9:46 Rx (100# BB Push Press)

    Last: 8 total rounds

    Killer workout again!

  5. Brittany

    Hey team NC!! Thank u so much for sharing!! These wods are awesome! Just curious… Was there a rest component to wod 1? Also, about how much time in between wods? Thanks in advance…

  6. Damar ( Dan from Amsterdam :)

    I love that i am able to drop in classes the past two weeks! I am very gratefull for your hospitality and would love to see you guys workout one day this week as i’m going back saturday and will take this experience back to home with a lot of fun memories and good foundation of where i need to go to. I am opening my own box within 4-6 months and experiencing you guys and the WODS/boxes/coaches/FUN is priceless!

    thank you!

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Jason found a tweet by Rich Froning that said….

CHALLENGE: to the song, “Bring Sally Up” by Moby w/a 135# barbell on back.  Squat on “Bring Sally Down” Stand on “Bring Sally Up.”

NC Lab had to take on the Challenge!!




NC Lab.  Week 2. Day 1.


Morning Session:

10 x 3 Back Squat or Front Squat…HEAVY.  

Choose the opposite one from what you chose last week.


10 Min EMOM

4 Burpee

6 Box Jumps 24/20

8 Wall Balls

Immediately into:

5 Min EMOM

5 Burpees

7 Box Jumps 24/20

9 Wall Balls


Bring Sally Up

Back Squat Challenge



6 Rounds

7 Muscle Ups (hopefully unbroken)

1 Min Rest


Jason talking about today’s EMOM warm up:

9 Responses to “Sally Up! Week 2.”

  1. Ariana

    Hi! Programming is great. I really think it’s going to take my abilities to a different level. Just an FYI, the name of the song is “Flower” by Moby. Just in case people have trouble finding it lol.

  2. Matt

    Love the videos. As an analytical person, I love the posts on the reasons behind the programming/strategy. Doing some of these has added some excitement back into training for sure, even though I scale some of them. Thanks!

  3. MistyJuicy

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Some words of advice and plan of attack from Jason about today’s workout:
Ok, so you know the workout. Now what? I have one question for you. What is your Game Plan? Do you have one? Lets make one. 
Here is mine. 
I know that 7 ground to overhead at 115 is pretty darn manageable. I also know that 7 burpees over a box is pretty manageable as well. However combined and for 12 minutes makes this combo a bit spicy. 
Can you do 7 G to O unbroken….ofcourse. Can you do 7 burpee box jumps without stopping…..ofcourse. How can we now hold that for 12 minutes. The answer most likely is, you can’t. 
If you have time, try and do 1 round at 80% effort…..see what your time is. Then divide that into the 12 minutes to give you an estimated goal for how many rounds you should get. 
My game plan when I do this in a few days will be simple. Should I clean and jerk or snatch? 115 is less then 40% of my 1 rep max, given that I will attempt snatches. Had this weight been 205 I would be clean and jerking for sure. The rep scheme for me to start would be Four snatches, rest a few seconds, 3 snatches….get on the burpees and don’t go fast but also don’t stop. Smooth is fast on the burpees. Come back to the bar and attempt the same rep scheme. Then attempt the same burpees….the burpees should be 100% doable here. On your third round the snatches may or may not get a bit challenging, if or when they do I will most likely switch to sets of two or singles with very minimal rest. The goal on this workout is to literally not stop moving, the loads and demands are not heavy enough to require an extended break. 
NC Lab. Day 7.
12 min amrap
7 Ground to OH 115/85
7 Burpee over the box 20″
Accumulate 15 wall climbs
Accumulate 50 supine ring rows

5 Responses to “NC Lab Sunday.”

  1. Wladi

    Hi guys, haven’t really been following anything specific for the last 3-4 months or so and I want to start this program but not sure if I should start from day 1 or just go at it from where it’s at now. Would love the input, and thx for doing this, y’all rock!

  2. Dickson

    Awesome stuff going on here guys! My training partners and I have been following your stuff and man, is this killing me. Freakin’ awesome work!

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It’s Saturday.  We hope you have some friends to hang out with.


The pic above is of a lot of the regular crew that joins in at the 1:30 sessions.  You will notice that a lot of the workouts we program will say “with a partner”.  Anyone who has done a team competition, or even a team workout knows how much harder you push when you know someone is counting on you.  When it comes to getting as much intensity as possible, it’s really hard to push that hard alone. Our crew is ready to throw down and down to do whatever all of the time.  The attitude of the people in your crew is crucial to setting the right tone for your training sessions.  For us, we don’t really care if you have to scale or whatever…as long as you are GOING HARD.  Oh yeah, and of course if you come ready to have fun and not take yourself to seriously either.


NC Lab. Day 6.


5 Rounds

5 Deadlifts 365/235

Hand Stand Walk 50′

Alternate with a partner or go 1:1 work rest


15 min AMRAP

With a Partner

Row for Calories 20/15

20 Push ups

If you finish before your partner you get to rest til they’re done…then switch.


30 Hip and Back Extensions for quality

6 Responses to “#CrewLove”

  1. Haley

    No better way to prepare for a job interview than throwing down on a WOD. Thanks for posting! These are fan-freakin-tastic, keep em comin.

  2. Chris

    Thanks for the site and all the great info.
    I have a question in reguards to following this program or any other competition program. Obviously the loads and volume are geared toward the higher end atheletes but do you follow the methodology that in order to get better at Crossfit you have to do Crossfit?so scale to achieved the desired effect of the workout or do you advise doing a mini cycle of programming geared towards weaknesses and to get to the level to complete most of these wods rxed like strength/oly/gymnastic cycles
    Thanks for the time

  3. Chris

    Thanks for the great site and info.
    Looks like the programming is geared towards the higher caliber atheletes, my question reguarding following this program or other competitive style programming is do you believe in the notion to get better at Crossfit you have to do Crossfit and workouts should be scaled( even drastically) to obtain the desired effect or do you believe a athelete should train in small meso cycles for strength , oly, gymnastics first to build the base to complete most workouts rx?

  4. cesar

    couldnt finish this one, we’re at scond floor and the neightbors complained about the noise ! finish the 4th round at 14:30 i guess (my partner is slow at hsw)

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Make sure you guys are posting your pics and vids to our facebook page!!!



Why are you doing this??

One of the main reasons why we all love training together so much is because we have A LOT of fun with our crew.  Fun is a huge component that is often left out when talking about someone’s “program”.  Here’s what coach “Manimal” Barber had to say about this:

What up Ninjas? Just want to leave you a little reminder that I myself forget from time to time. You have to have fun!! At least occasionally, you do.  Workouts are hard.  Shit, life is hard.  And how we walk through training will affect how we walk though life so lets try to enjoy it!  I will often forget to have fun for weeks on end and it really makes me question why I am doing all of this. However, if you need to remember that you are doing this by choice and that you have the opportunity to be in the gym pushing your limits with friends.  You are healthy and part of a larger awesome community.  Your friends in the gym could really give a shit less about how you preform and really just care that you go as hard as you can.  When you remember all of that,  training can be very fun no matter how hard the workout is.

So remember you are doing this all by choice so choose to have some fun and check out how much more enjoyable training is!!

Words you may just need today:


NC Lab. Day 5.  It’s a Doozy.

**We actually did the workout a month or so ago, and quite honestly…it still haunts me.  Have a great Friday.**


10 min Tabata Airdyne

(if you don’t have an airdyne…you can row, but you should really get one of these puppies)

immediately into

5 Min

6 Burpees every 30 seconds

go to 7 if you can with 2 min left


For Time: (Read carefully. Reps go to 15 on middle movement)

10 Pull Ups

10 Thrusters 95/65

Rest 1 min

10 Pull Ups

10 Thrusters 115/85

Rest 1 min

10 Pull Ups

10 Thrusters 135/95

Rest 2 min

10 Pull Ups

15 Squat Cleans 95/65

Rest 1 min

10 Pull Ups

15 Squat Cleans 115/85

Rest 1 min

10 Pull Ups

15 Squat Cleans 135/95

Rest 2 min

10 Pull Ups

10 Squat Snatch 95/65

Rest 1 min

10 Pull Ups

10 Squat Snatch 115/85

Rest 1 min

10 Pull Ups

10 Squat Snatch 135/95

**One bar.  Change weights during 1 or 2 min rest.**

**Don’t have EXACT times but Jason was around 18 and Miranda was right at 20)**


Video Jason posted a while back that goes well with what Barber had to say:

10 Responses to “First NC Lab Friday.”

  1. Artur Machado

    I’m from Brazil and I’m in the top 5 of my country, the program NCLab was all I needed to direct my training and I qualify for the reginais 2014. Thanks Norcal Crossfit a hug from Brazil, Goiania .. Let’s Destroy!

  2. Sean

    Did row instead of airidyne.
    This workout was awesome! My lower back was the first thing to go I think I need to rest it. Guess I’m still sore from last weeks competition.

  3. Israel Vazquez

    I am a fairly new crossfitter but I have to say this fucking workout was awesome. I about 1.5 years into my crossfit experience and I can’t think of a WOD I have enjoyed as much as this one. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Kennith

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Check out our Facebook page!  We would love to see all of you posting pics and videos of you performing the NC Lab Programming on that page!!


Coach and Jason B&W


The picture above is of Jason and the NC Lab’s very own Coach Chris after today’s prescribed workout.  Listen, we know what we know very well…CrossFit…we also know what we don’t know as much about.  For those areas, we aren’t afraid to ask for help.  When it comes to all things endurance, Coach Chris is THE MAN!

Here are a few things to help you understand how legit this man is:

CrossFit L1 Trainer and 5 year CrossFit Athlete
CrossFit Games coach and Endurance coach.
7 years as a professional triathlete with more than 100 competitions.

2-time member of Team USA at the Hawaiian Ironman

  • 1st place overall finish at Ironman Brazil.
  • 2nd place overall finish at the Hawaiian Ironman World Championships
  • 2nd place overall finish at the Ironman World Championships in Canada

For the past 8-9 months Coach Chris has been putting the athletes featured on this site through some pretty rugged stuff out on the track, how could we not share this stuff with you?!  If you found yourself wondering how in the HELL an athlete Garret’s size crushed everyone in the run portion of the Burden Run, or how Jason has gotten himself to a place where he did SO WELL in Naughty Nancy….this man is the answer.

Today we will post the first of many of Coach Chris’s workouts as well as some advice from the man himself.  Enjoy.

CrossFit athletes typically have solid run performances up to 2 minutes.  However, inefficiencies within their aerobic energy system begin restricting their performance as they extend their endurance curve.

Their primary limiting factor is the ability to move and utilize oxygen.  Although speed is still critical to success, nothing is more important than the ability to absorb oxygen.  Our goal is to maximize your oxygen absorption by creating a more robust and efficient aerobic system.

The Formula:  CrossFit athletes must create physiological balance in their programming in order to maximize overall athletic performance.

  1. CrossFit remains the source for high intensity.
  2. Aerobic capacity training provides the balance.

The success of aerobic capacity training is dependent on your workout intensity. All endurance workouts have prescribed pace ranges for every interval.  These personalized pace ranges are based on the workout distance, the interval distance and your individual PR times.  This is how intensity is controlled, internal pace setting learned, and performance gains are measured.


NC Lab. Day 4. Fast Shoes in Lane 1. 


5 x 1000m

Perform these intervals at a fast, but repeatable anaerobic threshold pace. As example, a 5:30 miler would target 3:53-3:54 per 1000m.  This workout will test your aerobic capacity.

Rest between efforts 1:1 (work:rest) with max rest of 5 min.

Rest after final 1000:  5 min  

3 x 400m:  Rest 1:3 (work:rest)

The fast finish becomes the focus of this workout.  The pace for the 400s is intended to be fast.  We will treat these 400s like a fast race finish.  As example, a 60 second 400m runner would target 74-76 per 400m. Our goal is to prepare for CrossFit events with a sprints to the finish.
For each of these workouts Coach Chris gives all of us our specific paces based off of our 3k time, mile time, 400m time.  If you want help with YOURS email Chris.


2 Responses to “See You in the Fast Lane.”

  1. Bryan J.

    Miranda, Jason and the rest of the NC Lab scientist big shout out and thank you for posting these brutally awesome workouts…this is exactly what I was looking for. Please keep them coming!

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When do I get to rest?


Like we mentioned yesterday, recovery is critical.  The topic of when to schedule rest days on the NC Lab website has been a topic of conversation several times amongst the contributers/athletes…the “scientists”.  Once again, the goal of this website is nothing more than to offer up what we do, how we do it, and a no BS attitude about what’s really important.


When it comes to rest days…there wasn’t a clear answer.  So, we gathered up a few thoughts from several athletes who throw down in the Lab every afternoon.  Here is what they had to say:




The short answer is LISTEN TO YOUR BODY. 


To quote my good friend Chris Spealler.


“Intensity gets results, to have intensity you need to rest.”


For 99% of the population doing CrossFit, they should train 3 days on and 1 day off. For the 1% of athletes out there trying to make it to the Games…..this may or may not work for you. 


If you feel good, workout. If you feel beat up or sluggish…rest. 


Listen to your body. It may be screaming at you and you try to fight it….listen to it. In the long run this will help you get better results and avoid injury 


***Then I asked him to be more specific. You guys want to know what he does right??  Not just how he feels!!***


Jason (continued):


I workout generally 10-14 days on, 1 day off or so. I do not really take rest days. Normally rest days occur when I am traveling and I only have time for something simple. But, for the most part I do not take rest days. Now, when I am feeling truly beat up or I see my results going in the opposite direction, if I am burnt and not performing? That’s when I know its time to rest….1 day? 2 days? Whatever it takes to feel good again.


***Got it…Jason doesn’t rest.  What about the rest of the crew?***



Take a rest day whenever you want. I decide to take them whenever I feel super beat up or I just don’t have time to workout!



Rest days are just as important as training hard. Listen to your body if something doesn’t feel right it’s probably not. I take at least every Sunday off.



I think Glassman says it best. 


Take rest days to maximize intensity and volume. This will be an ever changing process for each athlete to find the right prescription for them. 



The bottom line is, there is no exact number of on and off days.  Some weeks/months will be different than others, even with the same athlete.  You need to pay attention to your PERFORMANCE and you mental state.  If you are slugging through workouts that you don’t want to be doing in the first place…take a break.


REST, but not today.  Today’s workout is way too much fun!!


NC Lab.  Day 3.


8 min AMRAP


8 Pistols alternating


20 min EMOM

10 KB Swings 2/1.5

10 Box Jumps 24/20

Both movements every minute


1 Mile Sled Drag

Sled plus 205#/145#


Some words of wisdom from Jason on the sled pull:


3 Responses to “Day 3. Bring it.”

  1. cesar

    #1 did 10 rounds
    # was really sore from yesterdays snatch so i just did 15 min it was brutal

    #3 no sled so i ran half mile with weight vest

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Who has time for all of this?!


  1. The NC Lab is A LOT of volume.


  1. These workouts should take no more than 90 min to get through all of the various parts.


Yep, it’s a lot of volume.  Once again, the programming on this site is just an example of what we are doing, put on the internet for those “maniacally dedicated to training for the CrossFit Games” like we are.  When it comes to CrossFit the sport, your body had better be ready to do a lot of shit over the course of just a few days.


Not everyone, Games athletes and coaches included, agrees with the amount of volume performed by the crew at the afternoon sessions at NorCal CrossFit.  Maybe they’re right, maybe they’re wrong…again all we know is it seems to be working.  So, a lot of volume we will keep on doing and keep on posting for you all to enjoy.


But, just because we gotta get a lot of stuff in doesn’t mean that we have all of the free time in the world to do it.  And, neither do most of you.  All of the workouts you see on the NC Lab site (unless stated otherwise) should be done back to back with little rest between and can easily be finished in 90 min or less from beginning to end.  Not only does this “gotta go, gotta go” attitude you will hear a lot at our sessions allow us to fit so much in over the course of just one session, you know what else it provides?  Recovery.


In CrossFit competition your ability to recover between events is just as important as your ability to perform during them.  So, stop twiddling your thumbs…stop rolling around on the ground in between these workouts.




Day 2.


***Today we will hit 2 sessions.  This can be performed in 1, but usually will be broken into 2 for most of us.


SESSION 1: (for us usually 9-10am)

BACK SQUAT OR FRONT SQUAT (Choose your weakness)


Set a clock and hit a triple every 2 min.



7 min with a partner if you’ve got one

100 ft down and back shuttle

Alternate back and forth.

Start at warm up pace, should be a sprint for last few min.


7 rounds

Again with a partner if you’ve got one, otherwise 1:1 work:rest.

3 Snatches (full) 185/125

5 bar muscle ups


10 min 

30 sec Airdyne (hard)

30 sec Plank hold



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What in the world is it?  The NC Lab is a few things….first and foremost it’s real.

Every day at NorCal CrossFit in San Jose, CA at roughly 1:30pm a group of some of the fittest human beings on the planet get together to train.  They are training for CrossFit competition, specifically the CrossFit Games.  They are also training because they don’t know how to do anything else…they do this for fun.

What’s unique about this rowdy group of individuals throwing down every afternoon is that until they all get together, they have no idea what they are going to do.  The workouts are made up on the spot and will sometimes even change in the middle of the workout. It seems contradictory, but it also seems to be working.

 “The Lab is a place where you get a bunch of people together and experiment with different things to see what kind of stimulus you can get.  Sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s not as good.  Take the good stuff and run with it, take the bad stuff…throw it out, but always try and progress.” – Jason Khalipa

Jason and the other “scientists” in the lab are asked constantly how they train, what kind of programming they follow.  Here on the site you will find just that.  But, if you ask any one of these athletes if it’s the programming that has made them so successful, the answer will be “not really”.

“Too many athletes think that there is one program out there which is simply the best and they just need to follow that one, magical program and they will crush Regionals and go to the CrossFit Games. That is a lie.  Pardon my language but let’s be honest,  every mother f****r in the community is doing squat cleans. Every mother f****r is on the airdyne…..the list goes on. So if everyone is doing generally the same shit, then what is the separating factor? The damn INTENSITY.  If you follow this program religiously but do not attack the workouts with a terrifying level of intensity you will NOT achieve the level of performance which is intended.  We can provide you with the programming, but the intensity is up to YOU.” -Pat Sherwood


So, this site is dedicated to helping you achieve that intensity through giving you a window in to see how these athletes train and giving you a real picture of what it takes to get to that level.  We are building an online community for those who wish they could make it to the gym at 1:30 pm with these animals, but live around the world.  We will post not just workouts, but videos written tips to help you “get it” and re-create the vibe we have at the NC Lab wherever you might be.


You in?

(Check out the Why the Lab page on this site for even more insight on what to expect.)


Welcome to the NC Lab. Day 1. 


20 Min EMOM alternating

Odd: Row Calories 20/15

Even: 15 burpees


‘08 Champ

30 Squat Clean and Jerks for time



10 min with a partner alternating

20 GHD Sit ups

Prowler Push for Distance 135/90

**All workouts to be done in an hour and a half or less. The 20 min EMOM is your warm up. Have fun.**

6 Responses to “NC Lab Day 1 – The Beginning”

  1. Kelley

    Thanks for putting this up- its awesome! Do you think that you might be able to offer a subscription option where we can enter our email and have these updates sent to us daily as they are posted? Thanks!

  2. Andrea

    Ditto what Kelley said!! All of it! We want more and we want it to automatically come to our inboxes. Until then you faithfully remain on my home page! xx

  3. Brittany Davis

    Hi! I live in Sqn Jose and currently am working out with a couple other people at Crossfit SV. We have been working off of Competitor Wod workouts but would love to drop in on one of your workouts at 1:30. Is that possible?


  4. Renn

    For the prowler push, the numbers given, is that the distance you go or a certain time?

  5. Jason

    Just heard about this website today through mirandas interview on barbell shrugged, so going to start at the start and go hit this up ! Thanks for sharing :D

  6. Mike

    I work in Basra Iraq and we have our own box set-up here just no prowler, went outside and used a Kawasaki “Mule” instead. haha

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