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Jen Zambruno.

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Love seeing the comments about PRs and great times.  Keep it up everybody!  The Open is going to be here SO SOON!!!  Hopefully you all plan to sign up.  At the end of the day it’s not about placement, but about putting yourself out there and having that extra push from knowing that you have to submit that score!  That alone is going to push you to get at least a few more reps on each workout!


Vivendi Lab. Week 11. Saturday.


Fight Gone Bad Filthy 50 Style……


2 Rounds for Time

50 Wall Ball 20/14

50 Sumo Deadlift High Pull 75/55

50 Push Press 75/55

50 Box Jump 24/20

50 Calorie Row



400 Meter Prowler Push…heavy enough so that you have to walk.




If round 1 takes you more than 15 min…cut reps in round 2 to 25…..and go faster….

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Brooke Ence

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Today’s session is a combo of a few of the things that I did with some of the crew at NorCal this week.


Hope the first week of the New Year is going great for everyone….


Vivendi Lab. Week 11. Friday.


5 sets

1 Hang Squat Snatch + 2 Overhead Squats

Find your heaviest loading.


Find your 10 Rep Max Bench Press


12 Min AMRAP

9 Burpees

1 Rope Climb 15′


5 x 1 Min Plank Hold




Goal for part 1 would be to not have to shift or fix your feet after your snatch before you start your OHS.


Get at least a few heavy sets in on bench.


On the AMRAP…I mean…there’s really not much to say…KEEP MOVING.


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  1. Dewey

    It must be my day. Old full Snatch pr 150 new hang squat snatch 160. Proof is in the programming

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No excuses.

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Check out this cool shot from Adaptive CrossFit Athlete @1nub_wod_crusher


Today we have a little “conditioning” from Pat Sherwood and CrossFit Linchpin.  We usually have Hinshaw workouts on Thursday’s but I haven’t gotten the new batch for the new year yet…so this should do the trick!  Also pulled some cool gymnastics into the mix from Sean Lind.


Check out CrossFit Linchpin @crossfitlinchpin and Sean Lind @seancarllind


Vivendi Lab. Week 11. Thursday.


Gymnastics Skill:

5 Rounds (rest as needed between)

10 Strict Pull Ups

3 Bar Muscle Ups

5 Burpee penalty for every rep missed if you come off of the bar (at the end)


For Time:

1 Mile Sled Drag 185/135

2 Mile Run



If you don’t have strict pull ups the goal is to accumulate 30 reps of a REALLY slow lower.  Rest as needed between reps to get that slow lower.  If you kind of have strict pull ups and kind of have bar muscle ups…just worry about getting 30-50 strict pull ups in and don’t worry about the bar muscle ups.


Part 2 is pretty simple.  You may lighten the sled if you need to.  Other options are 155/105 or 135/95.


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Kara Webb.



Kara is such a bad ass.  I was able to weasel some programming from her and she said this one was one of her favorites she did a while back.  I love that she sent me this one because she has been rehabbing a nerve injury that really messed up her ability to do a few of the movements in the workout….anything overhead was really bad.  Unfortunately this whole nerve situation came up for her AT the GAMES….when she was WINNING!  She did her best to press on, but eventually had to withdraw before the competition was over.  She was looking like she is doing JUST FINE at the recent CrossFit Invitational and I can’t wait to see her compete again this year!


Make sure to check out and support Kara on her IG @karawebb1


Vivendi Lab. Week 11. Wednesday.


Snatch Pulls



Strict Deficit HSPU



Kara’s Workout:

For Time:
10 Wall climbs
30 OH squats 135/95
1km row
8 wall climbs
20 OH squats 165/115
750m row
6 wall climbs
10 OH squats 195/135
500m row
For the snatch pull remember the focus is holding positions.  No arm pull.  Get that bar into the hip and extend and shrug hard!  You should end up at a triple at 90-100% of your 1 RM snatch.
For the deficit strict HSPU the goal is to find your max depth for 3.  For some this might just be a good time to work on strict hspu.  Accumulate 15 total strict reps if that is the case, even if you need to use the pike on the box to do it.
For Kara’s workout:
Wall Climb:


Do NOT underestimate these!  They are HARD!  Keep your belly tight and fight against that over extension!

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  1. Jessee Hinson

    Is it ok to do every workout each day you put one here? For example, we did squats yestereday, then today another version of squats. I love all of your work on this website, thank you so much for keeping it up.

    • Miranda Oldroyd

      Yes. It is not uncommon to have similar movements back to back in CrossFit training. We will always be programming to vary the stimulus.

  2. Tylar

    2 days ago I did grace and got a pr of 3:04, yay! rested about 10 mins then did 205 front squat x5 for 10 min on the min. A few hours later I was feeling restless so I did the mash you posted minus the 100ft walking lundges. Sooo sore 2 days later. Ouchie.

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Throwback video and workout for today…


That Mash was BRUTAL.  Today’s workout is pretty bad too.  You wouldn’t want it any other way.


Today’s workout was originally created by Ben Bergeron of CrossFIt New England.


Vivendi Lab. Week 11. Tuesday.




Work up to a heavy single hit at least 5 that are pretty heavy


EMOM 20 Min

3 Power Clean 185/135

3 Front Squat

3 Jerk


Garret is using 205 in the video.



Watch the video.  This weight got pretty heavy and the minute started to go by really fast.  Choose a weight you think is good, but be willing to add or subtract if you need to.  Don’t subtract because it’s hard.  Subtract if you can’t make the minute or think you will fail reps.


5 Responses to “Bergeron Throwback”

  1. Chris H

    Heavy Cleans

    Bergeron Test. Did this last time at 115.
    1 rd-185
    6 rds-165
    13 rds-145
    Rest got shorter and shorter at 165 and failed a set so I dropped to 145. This was fun but it sucked at the same time. It is a Pr though from the previous 115 though. The heavy cleans felt good, I was able to hit them all, max is 250 so I’m pretty pumped to hit them more consistantly.

  2. Christina

    Hi! Is this supposed to be a weight where the goal is to not drop the bar between all the movements? If I want to clean and front squat the 135 but can’t do the jerks at that weight is it better to set up 2 different bars or pick a weight I can do all three movements with? Thank you :-)

    • Miranda Oldroyd

      Pick a weight that you can do all 3 movements would be ideal. The jerks seemed to be the hard part for everyone!

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Well…it’s a New Year, a new Mash, but some things never change.  It’s going to be a good one.  Make sure to read the notes to learn how to scale appropriately and get the proper stimulus.  DO NOT lower the rest and pace….go HARD on each part so that you NEED the rest!


Check out the VivendiLab Instagram to learn how the crew at NorCal will turn this into a team workout.


Vivendi Lab. Week 11. Monday.


3 Rounds for Time:

12 Bar Facing Burpees

9 Squat Cleans 135/95

6 Muscle Ups


Rest 7 Min


2 Rounds for Time:

Row 18 Calories

15 Thrusters 95/65

12 Chest to Bar Pull Ups


Rest 7 Min


5 Rounds for Time:

12 Toes to Bar

9 Shoulder to Overhead 115/75


Rest 7 Min


For Time:

100′ Walking Lunges (Front Rack) 155/105




Part 1:

Squat cleans should be at a weight where you will at least to attempt to go unbroken, but that will suck.

Scale muscle up number if you just aren’t great at them.  Try 4.  If you don’t have them at all, sub jumping muscle ups or band assisted.


Part 2:

Thruster weight should be a weight that you will at least attempt to go unbroken. 

If you aren’t great at chest to bar, lower the number.  Try 8.  If you don’t have pull-ups do jumping (try jumping chest to bar).


Part 3:

Same idea for the weight at other  2 parts.  For toes to bar if you struggle with them you can sub knee ups or lying toes to bar.  Lay on the ground, hold onto a post from your pull up rig, bring your feet to your hands.


Part 4:

Choose a weight that is difficult and you aren’t sure if you will be able to go the whole distance.

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Gustavo hanging with the Champ – Robert The Ghost Guerrero

the ghost


Alright crew, tomorrow is the first Monday of the New Year.  This means that many have probably waited to get their resolutions and new goals going until then.  We will give you a day to catch up, gather your thoughts, or just chill.  Tomorrow we are back from the holidays are ready to gear up for the 2015 CrossFit Games season…


# 1 Goal for me this year…enjoy it.  I have been competing in CrossFit for 7 years this year and often times I get so stressed out about it that I forget to take a moment to realize how awesome it is to participate.


Vivendi Lab. Week 10. Sunday.


Rest or Make Up


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The whiteboard for Pat and Gustavo after today’s workout….



Pat and I had a pretty interesting conversation on the day that he and Gustavo did this workout.  He had posted it to the Linchpin IG and saw comments or questions from people about “I am going to change the rest….that’s too much rest.”  Or comments tagging their friends saying…”let’s do this but take out the rest.”  It’s a HUGE pet peeve of both mine and Pat’s when people don’t understand the purpose of workouts (like the Mash) with BUILT IN REST!!  When you do this workout with no rest, it allows you to go ALL out on every round.  Burn it down and then have enough time to fully recover…to do it again.  Taking out the rest CHANGES THE STIMULUS  ENTIRELY.  You are now doing the same movements, but you aren’t doing the same workout…and NEWS FLASH: you have not made the workout HARDER by taking out the rest.


Let’s say for example, you do this workout and go :45 seconds slower per round because you took out the rest (at this point you HAVE to pace).  So, let’s say each round takes you 3 min (chances are it would end up being more slowed down than that)…so the total workout takes you 21 min.  OR you do it as it’s written….ALL OUT and go all rounds between 2:15 and 2:30.  This is the difference between going out and running a 5k vs running 600 meter repeats.  A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT STIMULUS AND GOAL IN TRAINING.


That’s it.  It’s a great workout…don’t mess with it.


The above are Pat and Gustavo’s scores.  Gustavo was doing power cleans, sit to stands (squats with pull assistance, and ski erg 20 calories (did 23 calories first 2 rounds).  We always aim to scale him to have him finish in roughly the same time as the rest of us…especially in a workout like today’s where we are looking to train a very specific time domain.


Below the workout are Garret’s times…Garret changed the rest time a LITTLE and just went every 5 min.  His rounds were fast enough that this only affected his rest by 15 seconds.


Vivendi Lab. Week 10. Saturday.


7 Rounds

5 Hang Power Clean 185/135

10 Bar Facing Burpees

30 Calorie Row

Rest 3 Min



Slowest Round 2:19

Fastest Round 2:15



Choose a weight that will allow you to go unbroken but is pretty heavy.  If round 1 takes you longer than 3 min due to the row, lower the number of calories by 5 and keep it under 2 min no matter what!!!


2 Responses to “Screw Ups”

  1. Todd

    I love the call out since so many folks don’t “get it” and are just chasing something that will kick their ass rather than something that will make them better.

    Still, have to call you out a bit on the “all out” piece – if those rounds were truly “all out,” you’d see attrition between rounds. Instead, we see (mostly) negative splits, implying that the effort was paced relative to the timeframe and the rest (~1:1), thus probably making the work aerobic. Sort of like 800m run repeats at a sustainable pace, not 800m run all out w/ 3 min rest x7, which would probably look like 2:40, 2:52, 3:02, 3:15,…

    • Miranda Oldroyd

      Totally makes sense….and I actually wouldn’t mind if that did happen on a workout like this. Typically with a CrossFit type workout that an athlete has never done before it’s a little bit different than an 800 simply because you learn things as you go. For example, when Pat was doing this workout he went hard on round 1, but realized to go faster he had to speed up the burpees…so he did. Does that make sense? I think some of the best athletes in the world (CrossFit Games Athletes for example) actually do themselves a LITTLE bit of a disservice because they become so good at pacing things and figuring out that pace (totally necessary for competition) that they never go at an “all out” pace in training just to see what happens.

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Throwback pic to 2013 NorCal Regionals





Are awesome.


Vivendi Lab. Week 10. Friday.


A little drill I got from Sean Lind…


Handstand Walk Ladder

1 meter HS walk

2 Meter HS Walk

3 Meter HS Walk

Come down in between and rest 45 seconds between rounds.  

Go as far as you can in the ladder.  You are allowed 2 fails.


20 Min EMOM

5 Deadlift 315/205

Remainder of the minute Airdyne.

This is 100 total deads!  BE CAREFUL!!



A couple people from the crew hit this one today.  It is NO JOKE.  It is 100 total deadlifts.  PLEASE choose a weight that you will be able to do unbroken the entire time and is no more than 70% of your 1 RM.  For me it is 63%


If you are new to hs walking. You need to practice holding a freestanding handstand for 7 min and then get in 7 min of hs walk practice.



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Here’s some motivation….



Last year I posted a video that highlighted the Games performances of 2013 to motivate you all for 2014.  Today, I thought this was even cooler.


Not that you need motivation on Jan 1.  It is probably the one day of the year where the MOST people are more motivated than normal.


The goals of this site, and the name Vivendi Lab, are not about “programs” or “short cuts”.  Modus Vivendi is Latin for “way of life”…and that’s what this is for us.  So, even if you are just starting today, remember that the stuff we post…the people we highlight…are to remind us all to work hard, play hard, have fun and HELP OTHERS.


This was the first workout we posted last year.  It was also featured on the main CrossFIt site just 2 days ago….so here you go.


Vivendi Lab. Week 10. Thursday. Happy New Year.


Hang Squat Snatch



5 Rounds

20 Strict Ring Dips

14 Thrusters 135/95


Jason 12:20

Miranda 15:46




Work that hang squat snatch as heavy as you can for singles.


If strict dips are very difficult for you, cut the number to 10 or 15 per round.

Thruster weight should be somewhat heavy.  Something you may/will have to break up but could do 15 with if you were fresh.


Choose weight and number of dips to keep your time under 20 min.

2 Responses to “2015”

    • Miranda Oldroyd

      It’s a combination of stuff that we do together and stuff I get from other people. We are a little all over the place with getting together so I gather workouts from some other really amazing coaches and mix them in with the stuff that we do when we are together!

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