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Zack “The Pitbull” Ruhl

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Zack is one of my all time favorites.  Such an amazing heart and human.


Hope 15.4 went well if you have done it!  If not, be careful with your reps!  Not getting any no reps is REALLY helpful for the volume of HSPU in that workout.  If you did do it…and you weren’t happy…it’s an easy one to redo if you think you need to.


Vivendi Lab. Week 20. Saturday.


15 Min EMOM

1 Power Snatch

2 Overhead Squats


15 Min EMOM

Clean and Jerk 


22 Min AMRAP

6 Pull Ups

12 Push Ups

18 Squats


See if you can match your Cindy Round PR!!






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  1. Dewey

    I didn’t mention %. So I did it at 80% +5 for snatch 145 #. And cleans at 85% 165 #for 7 minutes then finished the last three at 175

  2. Dewey

    Oh and 17 rounds plus 6 pull ups. My amrap 15 for rx Cindy was 11 rounds I just super PRd

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