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In case you didn’t see it, I changed the last part of yesterday’s workout since it was an accidental repeat.  In Dubai now so time for posts will be a little weird but I should have one from Hinshaw for tomorrow.


Here’s a solid Open Prep one for today.


Vivendi Lab.  Week 14. Wednesday.


100 Wall Balls

75 Power Snatch 75/55

50 Toes to Bar

25 Muscle Ups


Molly was right at 19 min

Mir 19:30ish




Something to think about.  Molly did her wall balls in very big sets, I did mine in sets of 10 or less but got back on quick.  The difference there was that I had 12 left when Molly finished.  It’s a difference, but not a giant one.  You can keep a pretty good pace most times with small sets if you are disciplined to keep the rest short!  Same thing on the T2B…hell fast singles for the last 10 is what I tried so my grip would be more fresh for the muscle ups.



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