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Rob Orlando is strong.  And loves making workouts to make you stronger.



I have known Rob for a long time now. He was known on the scene back in the day for being one of the strongest athletes at the Games.  He took that and ran with it, along with his passion for strongman style training and became the go to guy if you were looking to add strongman elements into your daily workouts.


He runs and does seminars all over the world specific to heavier, strongman type training.  These workouts are fun and I would be silly not to include some of my favorites I have found on his site from time to time.


Check Rob out on Insta @crossfitrobo


Vivendi Lab. Week 3. Friday.


30 Min Clock AMRAP

1 Legless Rope Climb 15′

15 Push Ups

3 Deadlifts 415/265



This was originally written as “complete 1 round every 2 min for 30 min” but I thought it would be more simple and more what we needed today as an AMRAP.  With that said, you definitely should choose a style of rope climb and a weight for the deadlift that allows you to move ROUGHLY at that pace.  If you are BLAZING through in a minute per round, you went too light or should try a different variation of rope climb.  If it’s taking you 3-4 min, you need to scale back.  Here are a few examples of rope climb scales.


This is a VERY grip intensive workout….my vote is to definitely use your feet on the way down.


6 Responses to “Rob O is Strong”

  1. Brian Carr

    Hey guys we moved into a new building. No ropes to clinb yet. What do you recommend as a sub? I was thinking strict muscle ups or strict L pullups in the 5 rep range.

  2. Lindsey

    For a rope climb mod we do 1 Pull Up + 1 Knees to Elbow
    3 of those combos = 1 rope climb

    Or we have done a seated sled pull to sub as a rope climb

  3. Superkeith

    First time doing legless and loved them. Did 15 rounds plus 16 reps. Did 365# for deads. Heaviest weight I’ve done in a WOD. Go get ‘em!

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