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The whiteboard for Pat and Gustavo after today’s workout….



Pat and I had a pretty interesting conversation on the day that he and Gustavo did this workout.  He had posted it to the Linchpin IG and saw comments or questions from people about “I am going to change the rest….that’s too much rest.”  Or comments tagging their friends saying…”let’s do this but take out the rest.”  It’s a HUGE pet peeve of both mine and Pat’s when people don’t understand the purpose of workouts (like the Mash) with BUILT IN REST!!  When you do this workout with no rest, it allows you to go ALL out on every round.  Burn it down and then have enough time to fully recover…to do it again.  Taking out the rest CHANGES THE STIMULUS  ENTIRELY.  You are now doing the same movements, but you aren’t doing the same workout…and NEWS FLASH: you have not made the workout HARDER by taking out the rest.


Let’s say for example, you do this workout and go :45 seconds slower per round because you took out the rest (at this point you HAVE to pace).  So, let’s say each round takes you 3 min (chances are it would end up being more slowed down than that)…so the total workout takes you 21 min.  OR you do it as it’s written….ALL OUT and go all rounds between 2:15 and 2:30.  This is the difference between going out and running a 5k vs running 600 meter repeats.  A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT STIMULUS AND GOAL IN TRAINING.


That’s it.  It’s a great workout…don’t mess with it.


The above are Pat and Gustavo’s scores.  Gustavo was doing power cleans, sit to stands (squats with pull assistance, and ski erg 20 calories (did 23 calories first 2 rounds).  We always aim to scale him to have him finish in roughly the same time as the rest of us…especially in a workout like today’s where we are looking to train a very specific time domain.


Below the workout are Garret’s times…Garret changed the rest time a LITTLE and just went every 5 min.  His rounds were fast enough that this only affected his rest by 15 seconds.


Vivendi Lab. Week 10. Saturday.


7 Rounds

5 Hang Power Clean 185/135

10 Bar Facing Burpees

30 Calorie Row

Rest 3 Min



Slowest Round 2:19

Fastest Round 2:15



Choose a weight that will allow you to go unbroken but is pretty heavy.  If round 1 takes you longer than 3 min due to the row, lower the number of calories by 5 and keep it under 2 min no matter what!!!


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  1. Todd

    I love the call out since so many folks don’t “get it” and are just chasing something that will kick their ass rather than something that will make them better.

    Still, have to call you out a bit on the “all out” piece – if those rounds were truly “all out,” you’d see attrition between rounds. Instead, we see (mostly) negative splits, implying that the effort was paced relative to the timeframe and the rest (~1:1), thus probably making the work aerobic. Sort of like 800m run repeats at a sustainable pace, not 800m run all out w/ 3 min rest x7, which would probably look like 2:40, 2:52, 3:02, 3:15,…

    • Miranda Oldroyd

      Totally makes sense….and I actually wouldn’t mind if that did happen on a workout like this. Typically with a CrossFit type workout that an athlete has never done before it’s a little bit different than an 800 simply because you learn things as you go. For example, when Pat was doing this workout he went hard on round 1, but realized to go faster he had to speed up the burpees…so he did. Does that make sense? I think some of the best athletes in the world (CrossFit Games Athletes for example) actually do themselves a LITTLE bit of a disservice because they become so good at pacing things and figuring out that pace (totally necessary for competition) that they never go at an “all out” pace in training just to see what happens.

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