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Nikki Skelly. Tagged Vivendi hitting the back squats from last week.



Looking to feature more of YOU GUYS on the site and on Instagram!  If you have pics or videos hitting our workouts, make sure and tag @vivendilab and hashtag #vivendilab.


Today is a fun combo of workouts I found from last November.


Vivendi Lab. Week 6. Wednesday.


Bench Press


Rest 60 Seconds between sets


Weighted Pull Ups


Find 1 Rep Max


5 Rounds for Time

Run 400 Meters

21 Deadlifts 185/135


Accumulate 3 Min on Parallettes in an L-sit or Tuck



For bench, if you know your abilities on the bench choose a challenging weight and stick with it.  If you don’t, warm up to what feels good and try to increase as you go.


For the pull ups, if you do not have a strict pull up your task is to jump your chin over the bar and lower yourself as SLOWLY as possible.  Your 1 rep max is instead how slow you can make that lower.


Scale the deadlifts to a weight that you can definitely do unbroken for about the first 2-3 rounds….not comfortably necessarily.  This should be no more than 50% of your 1 rep max.

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  1. Jakub Szyszka

    Bench Press – 120 kg :)
    Pull up – 50 kg ;)
    Done row because in Poland we have winter :D
    Deadlift all 5 round unbroken.
    Love vivendi
    Greetings from Poland !

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