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Some fun at the gun range with this awesome crew.


This group is all in Utah this weekend for the First Annual Slave Stealer Throwdown hosted by Ute CrossFIt.  The cause for this competition/exhibition is absolutely amazing.


Watch this video to learn more about the cause:


Learn more about the Throwdown at


The workout today comes from the guys at Ute actually.  Its a doozy.

Check out the programming for @brute.strength on insta and at 


VIvendi Lab. Week 4. Saturday.


Take 15 Min to find your 1 Rep Max Muscle Snatch


3 Rounds 

10 Jerks @ 60% of your 1 rm clean

400 Meter Run

Rest 2 Min between rounds


Rest 5 Min


3 Rounds

10 Strict Press @ 60% of 1 rm Strict Press

2 Min Row (guys goal is 550-600 meters, girls goal is 500-550 meters)

Rest 2 Min between rounds


Rest 5 Min


50 Handstand Push Ups for Time


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