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No excuses.

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Check out this cool shot from Adaptive CrossFit Athlete @1nub_wod_crusher


Today we have a little “conditioning” from Pat Sherwood and CrossFit Linchpin.  We usually have Hinshaw workouts on Thursday’s but I haven’t gotten the new batch for the new year yet…so this should do the trick!  Also pulled some cool gymnastics into the mix from Sean Lind.


Check out CrossFit Linchpin @crossfitlinchpin and Sean Lind @seancarllind


Vivendi Lab. Week 11. Thursday.


Gymnastics Skill:

5 Rounds (rest as needed between)

10 Strict Pull Ups

3 Bar Muscle Ups

5 Burpee penalty for every rep missed if you come off of the bar (at the end)


For Time:

1 Mile Sled Drag 185/135

2 Mile Run



If you don’t have strict pull ups the goal is to accumulate 30 reps of a REALLY slow lower.  Rest as needed between reps to get that slow lower.  If you kind of have strict pull ups and kind of have bar muscle ups…just worry about getting 30-50 strict pull ups in and don’t worry about the bar muscle ups.


Part 2 is pretty simple.  You may lighten the sled if you need to.  Other options are 155/105 or 135/95.


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